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Observations and Accusations

As I read that Obama is seeking round two of gun prohibition and arguing the Congressional powers enacted by and in the Constitution (remember the vote of 54-46) and that the thuggery of our Attorney General being complicit to and involved with gun trafficking I pause for a moment to really see our officials for the dysfunctional collective they have become. What you may witness in a kindergarten class is now being played out by those who hold powers we’ve either ignorantly granted them or that they’ve stolen by the fraud and utter joke of the election system.

All I see anymore is a bunch of grown adults arguing over the preservation or destruction of our founding principles laid forth within documents they all SWORE oath to uphold and protect [AT ALL COSTS]. I don’t believe much of anything I hear anymore. Maybe it has to do with Obama’s treasonous ties to Monsanto and his re-election won by the manipulative powers those corporations hold in buying our presidents in order to weaken our precedence. Why does this Nation allow such things to happen? And where are all the elected representatives we have entrusted with our privacy, speech, right to bear arms, due process, etc., in countering this thuggery we are witnessing.

The answer is clear: there are more of those who are willing to violate their oaths of office than there are those willing to uphold it. Damn us for not calling them out and prosecuting them to fullest extent of the LAW. What a joke the law has become. The law is merely a delegated ideology to fill the agenda of puppets, waiving their child-fists in the air and muddying the Constitutional principles this Nation was founded upon. I believe the great changes ahead will not be made by those we rely upon so naively to carry out, but will in fact be made by people such as myself, who have refused to be fooled any longer by the antics and crises our “officials” seem to always be promoting and using for their advantage in order to disadvantage those they represent.

Peace and Love first.

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For a well written piece that should have gotten more views.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

I understand the need for a small government...

well said, anti-corruption is the message to spread...as I've said many time I'm not anti-government, but anti-corruption, greed, conscripted and illegal-war, Federal Reserve, etc...fight on Liberty-lovers...

Our day is fast approaching!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

One a day

Turning one person a day on the side of Liberty still makes us one step stronger instead of more weak. I strongly recommend using anti-corruption instead of anti-government. Government is not the problem and can make you a target. Saying we are Anti-corruption refers to the problem, it just so happens to end up in government. However we still do need a small government that is not corrupt.

Thank you for that. Very

Thank you for that. Very accurate and relevant.


I agree with you and will peacefully walk with you. Lets get America back to the land of just laws and home of the free.

A rather profound grasp on reality.

535 playing out the fantasy of their own making, determining your future, and of those to come, with a collective ineptitude that defies human intelligence.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.