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In November of 2002 Saddam let it be known he would gladly leave, if he was paid.

This is a very interesting article I came across on Ernie Hancocks Freedoms Phoenix site.

Written by Melinda Pillsbury-foster
Date: 05-02-2013
Subject: Iraq

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The emails urged Saddam to stay in Iraq, saying Bush would not invade as Saddam expressed his willingness to be paid to leave.

Morgan kept reading these messages and the husband of the couple, with whom she was staying, also saw these emails. When Morgan decided to put a keylogger on Uday's computer this was accomplished by using the subject line, “Women without Veils,” which was the husband, Eric's, idea. It worked. Reading the emails continued, and included emails directly from Uday. I did not ask for copies and none were sent to me.

I contacted a friend's husband who worked at the CIA and left the matter in Morgan's hands. She told me the FBI had gotten in touch with her and asked her to continue to monitor the correspondence, also following Uday with the new keylogger she had installed in the computer in Baghdad.

When the bunker-buster hit Saddam's headquarters Morgan reported seeing the 'ping' move from Baghdad to Virginia. She was not contacted again. But they knew we knew.

There had been no release of information regarding the activities of Blumenthal and the Clintons in holding Saddam in Iraq in the media. The War in Iraq was building. I had a horrible, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Now we know Saddam had no Weapons of Mass Destruction and that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. If Saddam had been paid off to leave there would have been no war. But, of course, trillions of dollars would have been lost to the war contractors and bankers.


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