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Military Suicides: A Story From the Edge

By Nathan Bernier, KUT News

Almost once every hour a U.S. military veteran takes his or her life. The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 22 veterans commit suicide every day, on average.

Austin veteran Andrew O’Brien almost become one of them. He survived a suicide attempt in 2010, after returning from a 12-month deployment to Iraq. Now he’s telling his story to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder and military suicides.

I just stopped talking about it, and I just pushed it down and pushed it down, and then a couple of months later, in November of 2010, I just decided I was done, I was tired of pushing it down, I was tired of not being able to talk about it and open up about it and feeling ashamed for feeling the way I did.

Andrew O'Brien is trying to draw attention to PTSD and suicide among soldiers.

My family was so upset and never understood why I had tried to take my own life, maybe if you could understand more you can try and stop it from happening to your soldier: http://wyshproject.org


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How Come Recruiters Are Allowed

to go to the high schools and hype joining but guys like this aren't allowed to go to high schools and tell it like it REALLY is?


Another form of blowback.

The unintended consequences that destroy the lives of these fine young people is simply a further price paid for endless war.

Good luck and God Bless.

I'm not so sure it is "unintended."

Any other form of treatment for any other "disorder" is pulled off the market if it is discovered that the drug makes symptoms worse. ONLY "antidepressants" are allowed to be sold, with a label right on them warning it makes people suicidal.
All "therapeutic effect" of these pills has been shown to be negligible, mostly placebo. The only direct correlation is suicide / homicide, I think they are trying to depopulate on every front.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.