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Young woman assaulted and arrested for standing for her right by Alaska State Trooper

Brave girl going viral.


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You were

born with the right to remain silent, you don't need the permission of the police.


But according to the SCOTUS that means you're guilty.

But apparently...

..they require constant reminders.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

After invoking your rights, the only

question you have is, "Officer, are you violating my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent?"

This takes it out of local jurisdiction and state jurisdiction and places it where it belongs, in federal jurisdiction. The officer was warned and if ignored, violated your civil liberties.


if the cops were doing that to my sister or mother, a gun would be in their back, and BOOOOM, before they can take her away. fukin abusive cops.

Bad idea

You would die before you made it to the police station, so there would be two unneeded deaths, at least!

it's all fun and games

Till someone shows up at his house and throws his wife or daughter on her face.

That little man's ego was completely unprepared and unable to handle her indifference toward his deluded sense of superiority. These tiny dicked bastards get off manhandling helpless women like her.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Where's Ez - Mutha F*k*n - E

Where's Ez - Mutha F*k*n - E when you need him?

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Title 42 USC § 1983 lawsuit

on officer and departments.

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Your tax dollars at work.


Google is government.

That made me MAD!

ASSHOLES! They should be charged with kidnapping. All good peace officers should resign from the criminal syndicate that have invaded our streets. I wish Oath Keepers would use some of their money and power to start protecting people like that woman!

If that had been my wife, daughter, or friend...I'd be going to jail for cold cocking that SOB! What a punk!

The 2nd cop is to scared to

The 2nd cop is to scared to practice his take downs in a MMA ring so he has to find girls to use his leg sweeps on!

Dash Cams

In Russia they have dash cams because they do not trust the police, and need it to document their case if someone tries to sue them in court because of an accident.
We should all have our dash cams like they do there.
Don't leave home without your dash cam.

Disorderly conduct the

catch all charge for contempt of cop. She was just reaching for the door after the cop turned to leave at her request.

If I had someone who was

If I had someone who was angry reach behind me on my gun side, I would be itchy also.


That skinny small harmless girl LOL. WOW

I carried a side arm in the

I carried a side arm in the Desert, trust me, if ANYONE tried to grab on that site, bad things happened.

But She

Didn't grab it.

trust me.......as long as

trust me.......as long as someone reaches to that blind side....you cant see where the hand is going. After all the training, instinct takes over.

I agree that the cops were agitated and annoyed and wanted to arrest her for something.


Then think of a different scenario. What if all Americans were allowed to walk around with guns? What if me and you were at the bar or some event & both of us were armed and you were walking out the door. What if I came behind you to shut the door or maybe I was just grabbing the door knob to hold it open for others. And my hand happened to be close to your waist like this scenario posted. Would you turn around and slam me on the ground? The aggressiveness was a little too much here. I also don't know the situation though. Like why they were there, in her house.

But that was not his intent!

He kept going with his assault on her after that was clear that she was going for the door. This guy was looking for trouble.

How would a Brazilian have

How would a Brazilian have handled this, in Brasil?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown