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A Major New Liberty TV Network Is On The Way!

Jennifer Grossman (formerly w/Cato Institute, now Senior VP at Dole Fruit) is heading up a liberty/libertarian television network along with Michael Strong (run’s John Mackey’s Conscious Capitalism org) and Ricky Ray Butler. (Plaid Media/Endorse Liberty PAC) Ricky Ray is also introducing Jennifer to the other tech geniuses/Silicon Valley creatives who were the motor behind that PAC that supported Ron Paul last year.

More information can be found by following these links -



The branding will evolve, and I've introduced the team to my friend Justin Machecek, who is the senior on air producer (and an Emmy winner) at an established network. Justin has experience branding something that's already on the air, and this will be much easier.

I've also been busy introducing the team to other great content creators and journalists like my friend Mark Basile, (who produces a show on Spike TV right now) Tyrel Ventura, (Jesse's son) Jill Trammell, (produces a show on Discovery) Josh Tolley and Ben Swann, as well as Hollywood heavyweights like Michael O'Donnell, (worked on Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean) Rick Probst (Hansel and Gretel and the latest Die Hard) and the libertarians who have to go to secret meetings just to keep their jobs at places like MGM.

What sets this network apart from Reason.TV, Infowars and the Next News Network? The vision for this network, is not for a libertarian version of Fox or MSNBC, but a full spectrum network with everything from reality TV, cartoons, movies, comedy, lifestyle shows, etc, as well as the evening news, with undercurrents of liberty throughout the programming. We’ll create something the general public will watch, be entertained by, and the liberty message will spread like never before. The existing liberty networks will grow with us. We also plan on making this available beyond the internet, and on satellite and cable. It’s what the other side has been doing for decades, and it’s time we turned the tables.

We're still looking for a few amazing and well known individuals to fill out the board of directors. We want people who have executive level experience in film and television, but we also want a few more people who are just passionate about the cause of liberty who have business experience. We're also still looking for 1. other investors 2. talent in front of and behind the camera. Filling out a weeks worth of live, original and compelling content is a tall order, but something we'll be able to pull off with the caliber of people we are bringing onto our team by the time we launch this fall.

It’s definitely a project long overdue. Please let me know if you’d like to know more and are interested in being involved.

We’re also going to be having a membership drive over the summer, and are looking for fun things and cool items to auction and raffle off to help spread the word. Your donation will be much appreciated and not forgotten!

Donated items and gift vouchers can be sent to

Michelle Poswillo
26202 Fairside Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265

Viva la Liberty! Let's make it mainstream!

In Liberty, Zak Carter

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agreed. The fact that they

agreed. The fact that they have that bigot Steven Crowder as an interviewer makes my blood boil. This is an obvious hijack.

Jennifer Grossman is meeting with

Penn Jillette's agent on Tuesday - who would you want to introduce her to as someone you'd want to be part of this network? Have their contact info or their agents to help make the introduction happen? Call me!

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How about John Stossel?

I found some info on him I'll see if I can get in contact with him or his agent and will call you if I do.

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That would be very appreciated!

Jennifer Grossman and myself are both making plans to be at FreedomFest - and John Stossel is going to be there - but I'd love to connect him with Jennifer before then!

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I repsect what you are trying to do

Penn Jillette would be a nice

There's many names to choose from, but if you pack......

There's many liberty names to choose from, but if you pack the network and have guest with names like Ben Swann, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Mike Church, Andrew Napolitano, Tom Woods, Jim Rogers, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente etc...... and let them really speak, or host during prime time, then I'm in.

Don't steer clear of the tuff topics either!

PS. I guess it really doesn't matter about the names as much as the topics, the truth, and liberty, but those names I have come to reasonably trust and admire.

Great list

Also, if they are available, how about Larken Rose, Stefan Molyneux, Adam Kokesh, Sibel Edmonds, and James Corbett!

And since there are so many cool names here, how about throw in Henry Winkler, as Fonzie! ;)

Just have to be sure the network doesn't get hijacked, as the PTB can print an unlimited amount of money to buy it, and use it as a steam vent for the liberty movement that goes nowhere... infiltrate and defuse... like was done with the Tea party.

And from what I can see from the comments below, the origins of these people are in question. Also, I agree with comments below, too much trying to copy the MSM... no substance.

Oh, hell yes! LARKIN ROSE!

More people need to hear him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Perhaps mandatory Constitutional history & training...

Perhaps Constitutional history & training by KrisAnne Hall should be mandatory for all employees of the network. :)


And also, some mandatory de-programming by Larken Rose. The constitution is a start, but it really is just a piece of paper. It would be nice if they had mandatory training in how to think (not what to think). And then test their training using a Milgram type test to see if they would be capable of disobeying "authority": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment

This is a wise move

Why not take advantage of this great opportunity? The idea of constructing a television network around the central theme of liberty is a profoundly wise choice. Ron Paul was able to inspire a momentous liberty movement, and he accomplished this goal seemingly alone much like a troubadour singing of liberty and individual rights across the horizon. However, an entire media network devoted to programming with liberty as the theme will help to both unify the movement and introduce the sound logic of individual freedom to the masses. This will only help the movement grow and mature into a more viable political entity.

If you need any help, then I am there.

i gave it a second look

As people disagreed with my last opinion. Not afraid to change my mind or admit I'm wrong. But then immediately saw that daily caller douche crowder doing an interview for them....that guy is such a fake and a prick on top of that. I dont need to tell any of you guys that.... so far my opinion hasn't changed. We'll see I guess.

I'm doing what I can

To make it something that the r3volution both trusts and supports.

1. By building a board of directors that has known liberty leaders on it, and 2. By introducing content creators that have been part of the liberty movement/r3volution to the team.

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Please Please PLEASE

Don't let Clearchannel buy it out. EVER!


Awesome! glad to see it. I

Awesome! glad to see it. I have been saying this needs to be done for years. I would love to be involved with this?

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Get Prepared!

Everything is "controlled

Everything is "controlled opposition" or neocon shills, or too this or too that. You sound like a bunch of eugenicists that won't kill themselves - hypocrites!

I applaud the idea and the implementation. I'll give it a taste test and if I don't like it I'll move on...

PS - The name kinda sucks... hahaha

looks pretty lame stream

looks pretty lame stream

I posted about this about month ago

It slipped below the radar.

I think it's great! The slick packaging and upbeat vibe is what a lot of people are conditioned to respond to.

And if its on cable, for millions of people that automatically (gag. I know, but its true) gives it credibility.

Much luck with this

— Gary Franchi's "Next News

— Gary Franchi's "Next News Network" is the first ever Libertarian Network. If anything, this would be the 2nd one, not the 1st.

— Furthermore, looking at the people whose behind this project, key being Jennifer Grossman – whose worked for George Bush Sr, Arianna & Michael Huffington, and the Koch Brothers-run CATO Institute – looks like "JAG.TV" is just another thorn alongside Glenn Beck's "THE BLAZE" sent to hijack the Libertarian movement, not advance it.

Agreeing with you

This is the first I've heard about this project,so I don't know much about it.But the vibe I got was that it is just another attempt to shove disinformation down our throats.....

Already I don't like the way they're talking to me

Drop the cutesy talk. I'm an adult. And what's with the Access Hollywood studio set?

I'll know they're legit when they consistently promote...

* Ending the Federal Reserve
* An unregulated internet

Honest money and unfettered communication is in my opinion the foundation for a free society.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.


you nailed it succinctly. 'poq' made some great points below also.

Watched the promo twice

and the female's body language still turns me off. I agree with TheLorax, "drop the cutesy talk."

I don't understand the JAG name... Judge Advocate General's Corps?


Jennifer A. Grossman is where the name JAG comes from.

My first thought is that these two news correspondents don't really embrace the Liberty movement.

If JAG doesn't bring the goods with the people involved with the movement, it will never get off the ground.

Lets get Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Ben Swann, Doug Wead and Judge Nap in there for one.

Ahh that's where the name comes from, of course

yeah that needs to change.
As for the people you mentioned sounds like they will be wanting them on the show/network and will be backed by many of them if what Zak and the website are saying is true

Looks great!

This looks like a really great initiative and I hope it the best of luck. I share the confusion about the name. I don't really get what it stands for or is supposed to evoke, but other than that I am excited for another liberty oriented news outlet.

Sounds like a great idea, I hope it works out

Not to poo poo the idea, I wish to be constructive but a few things concern me

First: I hate the name. JagTV. That's terrible. Easily made fun of. Don't think so? Wait till it takes off. Why not choose a good strong name, a liberty oriented name. Something that let's you know what you're about to watch or some kind of mascot that represents an idea. What does JAG stand for? What does it mean? Surely they can think of something better.

I was excited about a libertarian flavor news network. Than I read its going to more libertarian entertainment, information, and lifestyle oriented with some nightly news. Ok... actually no, that's not a bad idea. Show liberty lifestyles in action. What a great teaching tool. Ok sounds good. Then have hard hitting, researched, well crafted investigative reporting in the evening. Avoid the mindless 24 hour news cycle and provide quality over quantity. I like it. I'd watch that. Only concern here is, can they pull it off without it being awkward, forced or heavy handed? A libertarian sitcom a la 'friends' or homeschooling'full house'? ehh potentially cringeworthy and then again potentially awesome! It's all in the execution.

Third: That said the show, at least from that clip looks like a trashy hollywood gossip, E entertainment, nonsense show. Why mimic that? Why go that route?

Jennifer Grossman concerns me. I guess I'm looking for people here who can vouch for her, besides op, that she is the real deal. Is she really libertarian or Paul Friendly. Many things on her site indicate that yes, but her history suggests the possibility that she could be controlled opposition. I honestly don't know, any informed opinion on her to put my mind at ease on that subject?

Possible red flags found during a brief skimming of her history on the Jag website and an interview with her about the network:
-Former speech writer for George HW Bush 88-92
-Former Education Policy director at Cato
-Says her mentor was Ariana Huffington
-Has a smiling buddy picture of her with Bill Clinton on her about page
-Asked about why she wants to form the network she responds

"we can’t survive, as a democracy, without having access to truthful information, and without an inclusive, intelligent, common sense, civil discussion about the future of this sacred gift that is America."

(I agree but the democracy part concerns me)

-From the end of the interview:

Austin: What do you think about what Glenn Beck is doing? Aren’t you sort of duplicating efforts by trying to compete with him?

Jennifer: I think what he’s doing is unbelievable — I watch his show regularly, and frankly he’s been an inspiration — and I had the privilege of telling this to him personally recently. I was a believer in Beck back when all my conservative friends (not to mention my liberal ones) dismissed him as a flash in the pan. He’s immensely talented, authentic, and a true visionary. He’s also surrounded himself with some of the smartest people in the business.

(Ok I understand she is just trying to be cordial and extend professional courtesy by not throwing bombs or burning bridges but gag me with a spoon. I don't know how she could say any of that with a straight face or without throwing up in her mouth a little.)

"However, I still think his viewers are Fox viewers. I applaud the fact that he’s signaled a move toward libertarianism, but he needs to follow his heart, just as I have to follow mine.

(ok sure I agree)

And if you watch his show he keeps turning to religion, and history as his default mode, and that’s not necessarily what young independents and libertarians want to watch on a regular basis."

(whoa whoa whoa, religion can and does play a part in the libertarian lifestyle for many independents and libertarians. Sure not all libertarians and of course it shouldnt be forced on anyone or used to alienate anyone, but to completely avoid or dismiss it I think is not wise. And history?? That should go without saying. Can you effectively teach or demonstrate liberty without discussing history?? If you don't know history you don't know libertarianism. That is concerning.)

Anyway I'm not trying to knock on what can possibly be an amazing project I just hope these concerns are resolved or unfounded and that they have a successful launch. Good luck!

I agree with you on everything except the fact that we have...

to recognize religion as a part of liberty. I get that religion plays a significant role in many independents and libertarians lives.

I get disturbed when many use the Bible, rather, their interpretation of the Bible, to justify their political positions or the course our country should follow.

I've seen good people use religion to alienate other good people. Why can't we agree our liberty should be protected to allow us to follow and practice our religion rather than make liberty a version of one's religious beliefs?

I'm with you

Just to be clear I'm not saying we "have" to recognize religion as part of liberty. But dismissing that it is part of liberty in SOME peoples lives, even young and independent folk, could be a mistake and is missing an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Some people of religious background find it difficult or even undesirable to be around, consider, or live a libertarian lifestyle due to misconceptions or interpretations of their religion and religious texts. And it is not an insignificant population in that category. There's an opportunity to change that. We can change that perception and show how liberty is completely compatible if not the intended goal of quite nearly all religions. What I envision is not an overall religious theme to the network, but perhaps have a few shows or segments, like the paleo diet segment, that discuss liberty from a particular religious perspective. Something that those with that particular religious background can relate to and share with their fellow believers. Not as proselytizing tool to convert the unbelievers to their religion, but to help convert those of their particular faith to a liberty oriented perspective of their faith. Just like there are segments on natural health and other liberty subjects, I dont see why there cant be religious subjects discussed through the lens of liberty.
If the goal is to show a liberty lifestyle, showing it through the various flavors of beliefs may go a long way to demonstrate liberty as a universal truth that we can unite around, despite our religious differences. The whole, "if you're not free to practice your religion as you see fit, nor am I" attitude of religious freedom. The fear of course is always that what if it gets out of hand and the particular shows and/or network turn into a religious or social conservative propaganda mouth piece. That is a legitimate concern and I hope every measure is taken to prevent that, while still allowing religious discussion in some form.

This much attention may make it seem like I'm making a major push for religion to be included in this endeavor. I'm not. I'm just saying you may run the risk of unnecessarily alienating a large segment of the population we're trying to reach by excluding it. It must be done right though or like you said it can run the risk of alienating other good people without religious beliefs or different religious beliefs.

tl;dr If it's seen as an anti-religion network you lose a large audience. If it's seen as pro-religion network, the same result. It's tricky but there should be enough room under the umbrella of liberty to pull it off and reach as many people as possible.

I completely agree with you on the name..

I can't stop thinking Military Attorney TV myself!;p

I'm doing what I can to change it before we launch...and we already have Reason.TV, Infowars and The Next News Network when it comes to libertarian flavored news - I know all three have action plans for major growth and I believe there is a place and a market for all 4 of us....I'm doing what I can to introduce them to great content creators...and as to Jennifer Grossman, I've known her for a few months now and have to admit I'm very impressed with her - I too was once a neo-con. So was Doug Wead...So were a lot of us...We change we grow, we open our eyes...

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