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Michael Said Lighten Up But No One Wants To

Michael recently put out a thread saying he would like to see less serious posts here and I have tried to comply. Less serious stuff doesn't last long though does it? Except maybe seeing Ron Paul's new grandbaby. Most people want issues that cause pain or debate. Not things that cause laughter or joy. So it seems to me anyway. Just human nature I guess. Otherwise, why would MSM almost ALWAYS report bad stuff instead of good? Hmmmmm?

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I don't think he meant less serious stuff

Just more positive serious stuff. Things people are doing to make a serious POSITIVE change in the way things are going. Not just fluffy feel good songs and baby pictures, though theyre not unwelcome. I think what he meant is that instead just posting all the downer news, it does need to be posted, that there should be an equal if not overwhelming amount of positive news. People running for office. People leading a local or large scale movement. People starting farms or developing ways to get off the grid and increase their freedom. People starting liberty oriented tv and mass media platforms. Stories of standing up for liberty and prevailing. Techniques about spreading the message. Dispensing wisdom, knowledge, comfort, guidance and encouragement on a variety of liberty subjects. These are the kinds of things we need more of. Something to dilute and counteract the constant influx of bitter and depressing news. Not cutesy, but positive and constructive.

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Try going to the nightly Jam session thread

That always helps me lighten up the mood, while catching up on DP posts.


"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

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I love you for that. I just logged in and saw this on the side bar comments, you're awesome.

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I've always felt there was a pretty good mix of news and issues

on here, and I mostly think we come here to stay informed and alert. For that the DP serves extremely well.


I did, and....

I never do any DP originals or share much about my personal life. I usually just cut and paste stories I find interesting.

I read what Michael said, to share about what we are doing, etc. So I put a post up and the mod on duty edits it.

So I don't think I will share any more about my personal life or put up anything original if they are just going to edit it.