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Polygamy, Bestiality, Abortion, Infanticide, Pot, Foie Gras, Plastic Bags, Big Gulps and Democracy

Consider the following list: 1) Marry someone of your same gender, 2) join a harem, 3) have sex with your donkey, 4) kill your baby the moment before, during, or after delivery, 5) smoke a dried weed, 6) eat a fattened goose liver, 7) shop with plastic bags, and 8) buy a 32-ounce Coke at McDonalds.

Every one of these items has been in the news lately, skirmishes in the perpetual culture war that defines too much of contemporary politics. (I’m sure you can add a dozen more.) Each has engendered legal action, legislative wrangling, kitchen table debate, and bloviating punditry.

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