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Wow Huge explosion in Damascus

@LukeBozier just tweeted this, said it was huge explosion just now in Damascus. Haven't seen anything reported in media yet. Man this looks like a freaking mushroom cloud.


2nd explosion


Update: Reuters reporting it was Israeli attack now as well

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Are you really that brainwashed?

There is a conflict in Syria, where rebels are killing Christians adn those who support Israel, Israel has a right to defend it's population.

Ron and Rand are not anti-war, they are for defense and Israel exhibited a great example.. Obama is speachless because Israel proves it does NOT need US troops to help defnd itse;f.

The message of yesterday's bombing is "US STAY HOME.

GREAT message.

Sorry Granger,but the "rebels" are not rebels at all,

just a band of private militia, well paid and armed by Israel and her "friends" to bring about civil war in a country they want to bring to it's knees.In Syria they may slaughter Christians, but there a quiet war going on against Christians through out the West.
This is an attack on a country that cannot defend itself against the might of the tax payer funded, privately controlled Military Financial Complex.

I don't agree Jill Booth

This is part of the Arab Spring also known as Islam Spring, which has felled 4 governments within 3 years and installed Muslims, not Jews, not Americans.

The Arab spring was a facebook, leaderless

coo, organised most likely, by the CIA, much in the same vain as the Koney debacle. How can the Military Financial Complex profit if there is peace?
They can't. This "war" in the Middle East has been nurtured and tended to gain maximum profit, and test new technology. It has nothing to do with Israel being "bullied", and more to do with Israel being the King of the Heap in it's region, and One World Government from the safety of Geneva.
To defend Israel is defending the indefensible.

I don't see it

I think you give way too much power to those who are on their way out. I think you might try looking at the UN and the G20 and IMF and WHO and this NWO globalization that is targetting America (and why we work to restore the republic from what they have taken with deceptions like the patriot act.

I believe Arab Spring is Muslim backed and based, as a reform.. the governments in control is like the Amish and they was to be Baptists.. still Christian.. This article tells you who is responsible http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/powerful-explosions-strike-the-o...

Assad's forces, meanwhile, are mostly made up of minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Just over two years ago, pro-democracy demonstrations escalated into a full-blown civil war that, according to the United Nations, has seen some 70,000 people and displaced about 1 million Syrians into neighbouring countries.

And to say that defending Israel is indefendable.. I didn't say it was about Israel being bullied.. I said that since Israel appears to be open to the new conditions put forth by Palestine (and despite NWO tools like Google bestowing statehood to Palestine, as if they have the power to give palestine statehood) Israel is open and China has offered to host, and I believe Israel's superior intel, Israel showed they can stand alone without the USA. I think this is great and I don't think the USA has anything to do with it.

Good argument....but...

the UN grew from the League of Nations...the very group that pushed for European Jewery to settle in Palestine. The UN and those that push the Zionist agenda are one and the same. Fractions within the UN are playing both sides of the war coin....they are the ones that "set up" revolutions for Democracy, insuring that nothing more than civil war will come of it. That way they can arm both sides, and then take over the country when it is in a weakened state. That is how war works, pay someone else to do your dirty work first, then go in with all guns blazing.
Israel can mouth that it will cave in to Palestine, but that is not what will happen. When the time is right, they will crush them.


Jill, they DUMPED people they held in their prisons with no charges.

If the UN was for a Zionist agenda, Israel and Palestine would be states. The UN Agenda want no states.. they want global corporate control so no state can protect or preserve those who do not want to be homogenized.

Factions within the UN, Israel, the USA, the parties within the USA.

When it comes to the Arab Spring, this is a shiite and sunni war.. The Sunnis (a majority) support Israel, because they like shopping and wearing bikinies, smoking.. freedom from Fascist dictatorships that give power to the Iman, this has dispersed/displaced millions of people.. UN LOVES it..

Arming both sides is what thhe US does and why Ron Paul is RIGHT ON.. we need to stop medd;ling and get out.. we can root for the Sunni, we can offer food, medicine.. but the arms and drug wars need to stop.

Israel is not saying it will cave in to palestine Jill. Israel is saying that it appreciates the latest agreement put forth by Palestine because Palestine recognized Israel as a state in the document. Palestine showed that it understands what Israel wants (needs to protect itself as a state).

Granger, I don't entirely disagree with you, but....

I see things differently to you.
I don't think Palestine becoming a State was a good thing. Have you seen what the UN does to "rouge" States? It obliterates them in prolonged bombings, abject misery and destroyed infrastructure. Once this is declared on Palestine (and it will, in time) there will be no going back. Fist the problem countries need to be dealt to... Syria and Iran.
At this stage of the game, American people need to wake up to themselves and realize that the US Government has been totally hijacked by Global Business, with all ties leading back to the UN and Agenda 21. We will still vote for our Selected-to-be-elected, but all laws will come from the UN, and your 4 year term "mouth piece", will deliver them. The UN will also have control of the Western worlds military, a tax payer funded "toy" for the BIG BOYS.
Who exactly does Israel need to "protect" herself from? She has enough hi tech weaponry to blow the entire planet to pieces.
A truly evil cabal of people have this amazing planet in their grasp...and the only thing between them and victory is...us.

I understand

I once saw things as you, and others here. If it wasn't for Ron Paul saying Israel is our friend, I wouldn't have changed my perspective.. but I think friend is not a word the Paul's use lightly. So I begun investigating, and now I see things different than you. I honestly believe we are being programed by the global business, which definately includes MSM/ internet, to reject Israel and the USA.. because so many in Israel and the USA share the same goal.. sovreignity to do what we want, to defend ourselves, that is not what global agenda of corporate monoplies want.

Elections becomming rackets is part of the corporate corruption, and why I got into the GOP, that if I want change, I need to be part of that change, from more than observation and checking a box on a ballot.

The Neocons was to sustain the conflict in Israel in the name of supporting Israel. Ron and rand want to free Israel and America so Israel can do what she needs to do to thrive.. the majority of the Arabs support Israela and want to enjoy the technology and science/arts Israel has as a cosmopolitain place, rather than been ruled by Allah.. they too, like Palestine want sovreignity..

I look forward to reading or hearing what Ron and or Rand have to say on this issue (I fear they will say nothing).

There is no reason to "reject" the people of Israel

but it's government policy. A friend would not stand by and condone the appalling behavior committed by their friend, let alone arm them to the teeth to carry out such behavior. That, in a court of law would make you an accomplice.
Israel really is the cuckoo in the nest, the changeling in the crib, the Chucky Doll of everyone's' nightmares.
And it controls the Government of the USA.
Don't believe me?

deacon's picture

is israel able

to defend itself because of our aid to their military?
i say yes,and it would be interesting to see them stand on their own
without us giving them aid
just how cocky would they be if we never supported them financially?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Israel is apparently able to defend its self without US meddling

They did stand on their own.. and since they are far better than us pound for pound in military and intel, we have become so dumbed down, we are dependent on them. They don't need us.. and China.. check it out.. China is LIVING Israel.

how ignorant are you?

Bombs are good?

Ron is not anti-war?

And Israel defends its population from the rebels by bombing the Syrian State who is fighting the rebels in Syria!!! (Rebels who are really a proxy army of Islamic Extremists including Al Nusra and AL Quadea factions funded by the West and the Gulf Cooperation Council monarchies)?

All in a single thread in a matter of minutes? You display a level of ignorance that defies reason. You are tragically uninformed.

I'm not

Ron is not an isolationist.. he's an non-interventionist. Ron Paul is not opposed to war for defense. He served honorably in the military (and I'm sorry Rand didn't).

The Shiite Syrian government is purging it's Suni/Christian population that does not agree with their laws.. the rebels are Sunnies and Christians.. the rebels are from within the majority of the population.. Palestine is also Sunni for the most part.. The Sunni isn;'t a problem for the very most of all part.

insulting me is a reflection of your own frustration.

Try going beyond the boobtube being forced on you.

ignorant and dangerous


this is one reference point for you to read. not that you will. normally i would trust a human being could find the truth on their own, but you won't, because ignorance is strength for aspiring criminals like yourself.

Yeah, the US has been waging

Yeah, the US has been waging a lot of unnecessary wars recently. Lets hope China and Russia bomb its weapons depots too

Do you know ANYTHING about geopolitics or do you think that *poof* the weapons have disappeared and there will be no consequence. Its a DECLARATION OF WAR you numbskull.

'Actually, its good'

What freaking dream world you live in I don't know but come back down to earth. There is NO SUCH THING AS A SURGICAL STRIKE. There are people EVERYWHERE, houses EVERYWHERE, sometimes missiles miss their intended targets.

If you support warmongerers, I suggest you look at the title of this site, realize what its about and get out of here.

List your statisics

because so far. you;re wrong. Emotiona, but still wrong.

Your comment shows how deep

Your comment shows how deep you head buried in the (being kind) sand.


Eye of the needle stuff from Israel huh? Good thing they got that 13 year old terrorist. SURGICAL STRIKES ARE A MYTH granger. Lets call it what it is, fire raining down from the skies destroying whatever happens to be unfortunate enough to be under it at the time.

And if you don't get how bad the consequences might be you don't seem worth talking to at all.


This subject is happening now, May 2012.. not Nov 2012.

Not only is she not worthy of

Not only is she not worthy of talking to, she needs to be outed at ALL Republican meetings and events!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Yeah, lets out her as an

Yeah, lets out her as an Israel sympathizer at the Republican meetings. That'll show her! =D

Please do!




Syrian state TV says an Israeli military rocket has hit a military research centre. Mount Qassioun is the site of military installations that have been used to shell rebel-controlled areas. On Friday, Israeli planes launched a strike inside Syria targeting a shipment of arms destined for Lebanon's Hezbollah. Syrian forces and rebels have been fighting around Damascus for months but with neither side gaining the upper hand. More than 70,000 people have been killed since the conflict erupted in March 2011.

Israel doing what it does

Israel doing what it does best - killing people.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

his new tweet

Sorry don't know how to embed tweets yet
"Second video of Damascus. Look at 21 seconds in. Jesus Christ."


Does look large and kinda

Does look large and kinda like a mishapen mushroom, but there isnt terribly much to compare it to scale wise. Could have been half a mile away or 5 miles away.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

It was approximately 1 mile away

timed with the lightning and thunder method (one mile per 5 seconds between the flash and the bang)

Leges sine moribus vanae

Al Jazeera is reporting

Al Jazeera is reporting sources have told them it was Israeli jets