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AK-47-Wielding Gunman Fires 37 Times at Shocked Cops During Routine Traffic Stop

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Full video

If you watch the full video,

If you watch the full video, you can hear an armed civilian coming to assist the officers.

reckless dumbass

at least he did not shoot any innocent people.

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An idiot commits suicide

He has an obvious upper hand with high capacity rifle and is killed by officers with hand guns ............ WTF !!!

Suicide by COP. He should have pulled the trigger on him self.


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Yep 37 shots and did not kill

Yep 37 shots and did not kill the officers. Ak's are reasonably accurate enough those officers would have been dead had he wanted to kill them.

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This is a case against

This is a case against magazine restricts and gun control, etc. What would have happened if this guy had opened fire on a person obeying gun control laws instead of a police officer?

Suicide by police

Pretty common.

hey, I'd say this actually PROVES that everyday citizen 'NEEDS'

to have an AR15/AK-pattern/battle carbines/pistols in their cars, because bad motherfcukers actually DO attack us with AR15's and AK47's, from time to time, and we have no idea WHEN it will happen:


The plainly obvious fact from the above video, and this AK wielder vs. cop should be: if someone is not worried about going against a cop, a presumably trained individual who deals with criminal element everyday, why the hell would that same individual EVER 'fear' you or me, whom he would more than likely to presume would be less trained, and less armed?

Time to stop the pussified madness: every American should make it a point to train themselves in use of arms, and learn how to FIGHT with it, not just at a linear indoor range. and train their loved ones, and look out for each other.

Predictions in due Time...

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