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The System Seems Unfair

Life seems to be getting harder for me. It all started when I lost my job. I worked at Staples. I was labeled the best Sales Associate for 3 months straight for my state of New Jersey. I busted my ass all the time. I worked so hard that my back started to hurt. I went to the doctor finding out I have an extra vertebrae in my back. I lifted a lot at Staples & the Doctor told me to stay away from lifting heavy boxes over my shoulders. It also causes Arthritis. Doctor offered me pills but I refuse. Every day I am in pain. My Boss seemed to not care and still gave me orders that would put major pain in my back. I started to work slower but I still sold a lot. Eventually, they got rid of me because some young kid started out performing me. Plus I was getting paid 5 dollars more than him an hour. I went to the Rally in Philly for Ron Paul during the rain. The very next day I was fired. It made no sense. My manager never wanted me to go but HR was pushing me to go. i am also a musician who plays guitar & raps too! lol. I actually work for an independent company. The only way I make money is by doing shows or selling my CD. I had to move back in with my father because bills were hard to pay. I tried going back to college but money was tough. I tried applying to financial aid. All they did was give me problems. I refuse to do loans. I paid for my classes with my own cash. Now I don't have enough to get by and go to college. I was one class away from getting my associates degree. I wanted to pursue college in Psychology. Money is everything, Now I am 26. I been unemployed for a year now. My family problems are even worse. Ever since I started preaching Ron Paul. My family stopped talking to me. They call me crazy & talk behind my back constantly. Both my dogs passed away this year too. So now, I live with my Father in a bad neighborhood in Jersey, no family, no money, no friends and have extreme pain daily. My father was also in the Army & the Iraq war ruined his life. He is now on a ton of drugs, pretty much brain dead. I was also dating a girl that went in the army. Died 3 years ago in this war. I also fought Christie and his delegate slate but lost.

I don't know why i wrote this, but I just wanted to explain that people do struggle and do get ignored. Some people always say, Life is good still, but not for every one.

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What good would a rollercoaster be..

If it only went up?

Life is made of ups and downs and right now you are going thru a storm.
Things will get better with time, the trick is to not give up.

My life was a bit of a mess at 26 and now I can't really complain.

Keep fighting and sooner or later you will be better off.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Fear not, all things work together

For the good of them who love God.
This scripture sustained me during my recient heart attack, through my three different cancer operations, through work difficulties, and difficulties because of no work, through poverty well below national averages for decades, through marriages and divorce, through the loss of loved ones, through the rain and inclement weather, through every obstacle the enemy threw up in my path.
God does not allow difficulties to come into our lives but for one reason, to refine our character to be more fit towards the purpose he designed us for.
I am unaware of whatever your spiritual condition today might be, but if you've the faith to receive this: have faith and proceed onwards with a grateful heart. Count for yourself all the blessings that you do enjoy, look at others less fortunate to see where those blessings you enjoy are in reality.
Whenever I feel the urge to become overwhelmed, my mind recalls a friend I knew a long time ago; Jimmy.
Jimmy was a quadriplegic, confined by circumstance to a wheel chair in a mostly reclined ( almost horizontal ) position, able by way of his chin to steer. Jimmy could not talk, but had learned to express his thought through his eyes; those that knew Jimmy were able to " talk " with him, and he them in this manner, it was quite amazingly cool.
I never, ever saw Jimmy frown in all the years I was blessed to know him. I never saw any tears flow, I never saw him express sadness or anger over his life. Rather I saw and participated with him as he experienced a new joy at whatever came into view, a tree, the playfulness of squirrels, a sip of coffee; his smile and manner were infectious, you caught it whenever you were near him, Jimmy had communicable Joy and peace. I moved away from that town, and lost track, as we so often do of those who teach us without trying, of Jimmy; but the lessons he taught me linger and echo " who am I , and WHY NOT ME ? "

God Bless, your in my prayers as of now.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

Thanks Everyone

For your Motivation and advice. I didn't expect to get this big of a response. You Ron Paul People really are the best lol

Most college degrees

Most college degrees are worthless and the most worthless among them is one in psychology.

My suggestion is to learn a skill that few others know. I suggest you look at Mohawk Finishes wood repair course or its leather and vinyl repair course. You can get the training and a basic set of supplies for less than $1000 and then go out and market yourself. We are living in a "duct tape" economy where people and businesses are trying to get by and elect repair over replacement more often now than when the economy was booming. Used car dealers, new furniture dealers, hotels, restaurants, law offices and any other work environments where the appearance of the furniture is important would be your potential customers. Furniture is everywhere so there are plenty of opportunities and the only limit is whatever one you impose upon yourself.


I am in no way affiliated with Mohawk so there is no conflict of interest in me suggesting this to you.

Good luck and remember that each day you have the choice of being happy or unhappy and being happy is always the better choice.

I'm sorry to hear this bud

I am blessed that even-though a lot of my family have their ears closed to reality I have made headway with about half of them over the course of 5 years. Having the support of my libertarian wife and two lifelong best friends that I have awoken to liberty keeps me optimistic. Over the years my best release for stress has been hunting, fishing and gardening. Gardening is especially therapeutic and you don't need some huge garden. You can use window planters, balcony planters, small plot in the yard or whatever. As far as pain, I can't say enough about the beneficial effects of green tea, it reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, fights cancer and others. I drink at least 4 cups a day and my back pain is gone. Also don't sit for too many hours in a day, lay down instead of sitting if possible for back pain. Sometimes what you perceive as back pain is actually kidney pain, green tea will do wonders for kidney infections. Last but not least try to get as much sunshine as you can and as someone else mentioned join meetup or something to find like minded people to share your life with. Good luck Bud and you can message me anytime.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

My Mother

Is awake but mostly because of her Christian faith. But I convinced her to vote for Ron Paul. My Father loves Ron Paul. But the rest of my family are die hard Liberals who love Obama. If i ever say anything negative, they always act ignorant.

I hear you, brother!

Hope you have a support group (check your local Campaign for Liberty folks, or PM DPers in your area). Some of us can be contacted more easily than others, but you will find a plethora of good people here.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

thrive under adversity

... while achieving total wellness , spiritual awakening , and the betterment of humanity especially your neighbors. Those are lofty goals especially in a time of adversity. Injuries complicate everything.... Balance daily meditation , joy , and pain. Life can be a real pain sometimes , yet joy is right there for you as well :) What's your favorite thing?

I had similar back pain related to lifting :
{ if you have shoulder issues then rest is the only course }
• get a foam back roller and roll your spine up and down gently often ( if painful don't do this )
• soak in a bath with bath salt often
• hang by your upper body then while holding arms firmly , relax all lower back muscles allowing de-compression of spine ... or improvise a more comfortable spot to hold upper body while hanging
... hold for up to 30 seconds then slowly and gently apply weight
• regular full body stretching especially hip region ( gently , but often )
• gentle abdominal strengthening such as crunches
• swimming laps ... lots and lots of laps
• arnica rub works wonders on muscles
• run don't walk away from mainstream medicine : study wellness and nutritional medicine and begin by obtaining pure fluoride-free water : your body is like 97% water + your body completely replaces itself every seven years

wellness radio feeds

Dr Joel Wallach ( episode 11 )

Underground Wellness

Wellness Warrior

Healing with Dr. Daniels

The Sons of the Law of One

get educated!

First of all, let me tell you that an education can be a great help. I think the field you are pursuing is a good one. I am a "retired" MD. There are other things in this world that hold us back! And, something I have to add here. You HAVE a disability that caused you to lose your job. Your doctor and your employer both agree that you have become unable to do the job, haven't they?! You might qualify for educational assistance to help you learn what you need to practice Psychology, through government grants FREE MONEY!!, NOT LOANS!. That would be great for you.

I figure your disdain for pills are seen in your father. If taken correctly, pain medication can give you back your life, without over-sedation. (The problem is they are using new medicine like Lyrica and Cymbalta that can have worse side effects than they have good effects! (my wife, alleged to me, she became homicidal because of Prozac, before I met her!)

Addiction is, also, rare (As low as .008% [8 of 100,000]in one scientific study) for a real pain patient to become "addicted" Depending (and developing a physical withdrawal syndrome if stopping it cold turkey)on taking a daily dose of a pain medication that improves your quality of life, is not addiction! Such is my wife's condition. I was a pain management specialist, trained by the American Academy of Pain Management as well as a board certified surgeon, in then past, as well. I found out, in the politics of medicine, being better educated (Graduate school in Zoology prior to being admitted to medical school), can be like having an albatross around your neck!

I am without a job, too! But, I had my accident and got three times the usual amount because of disability, since, I had paid so much in! Without my medicine, I would be miserable. With it, I am lucid and although with severe nerved damage called cauda equina syndrome, I love life! (You should see the knock out I married!) I am happy getting disability. But, honestly, I would rather be trying to help people! I am sixty now, but I was the first doctor to send my great grandpa to the hospital at 93 years of age! He died at 94! I visited him one day in the nursing home (where he went for the first time after the hospital!) and he was reported to be spitting out his pills. I told him he needed to take his pills or he would die. Great grandma had gone on, already. He was miserable (had to stop working his truck patch, at 92, because his osteoporosis and arthritis got so bad. He was ready to let go!) He said to me, something, I will never forget. He said, "Let an old man do, what an old man WANTS to do!" He died within two months!

Thank you

for your post. I also lost my dog just a couple weeks ago, It was tough (still is).
Just remember that you are not alone, we're there right with you brother.

In every adversity are the

In every adversity are the seeds of even greater success. Don't dwell on the negatives to much keep looking ahead for that opportunity to come along and pounce on it when it does. Be patient and do what you must to get by until it arrives but stay positive! It will come but if you are mired in the negatives that have happened you might miss it when it comes.


End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Hey Brother,

No words can express the level of individual trials you must be going through right now.

I pray for your health.

In a world that seems unbelievably unfair, it's doubly disheartening to have to overcome daily physical, mental, and financial obstacles.

All I can proffer is that I hope, in your deepest, heart of hearts, find yourself that internal spark, that same spark that you get when you're doing your thing, making music, letting your creativity fly. Because sometimes, that is the only thing that will get you through. Most people spend their entire lives not knowing or finding out what or whom they love. Sounds like your first passion is music, I hope that it gives you solace and a point of departure to get you through all this.

It's cliched but true: adversity makes [REAL] men.

I don't know how you view the cosmos or the universe, but speaking strictly for myself, and my past experience, the state of mind you CHOOSE to maintain, can do wonders for your current path.

While it will be unquestionably difficult, pray that you find that daily spark to maintain your individual constitution, something that will drive you, and thrive.

'Surviving' is stationary, Thriving has a vector. I hope you find that vector, to get TO, wherever you want and CHOOSE to go, and focus and act on it as much as you can.

And day by day, simply remind yourself that you OWN every step: every mistake and triumph, alike. They're all yours and yours alone: you own your own destiny.

Better days ahead. Let your words and deeds heal yourself and sharpen the soul.

With LOVE. Heal well, my friend.

PS. While difficult, I would proffer that this would be a perfect time to pursue your own individual entrepreneurial drive: sometimes 'having left with nothing left to lose,' can be a blessing in disguise.

Plus, it takes a better man to reach out, and ask for help.

Please, please consider doing so. Remember, you're not alone, and you DON'T have to go through this alone. Please, reach out to liberty lovers in your area. Hell, try Craigslist or FB, or other social media, find those with similar values: hang with people who share your values, opportunities are bound to open up.

I shall pray for you, again. To better days ahead.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

which bad neighborhood in jersey?

and can you run an excavator?

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.

Who cares what your doctor says you shouldn't do? Their view is very limited, and in some ways they lack common sense. Are you doing everything you can do to try to fix your back problems? Stretching, yoga, metcons, weight loss, strength training, trigger points, etc?

College is obsolete, for the most part.

It sounds like you've got a very tough set of circumstances to deal with. But you will have an easier time when you see the direct connection between your actions, agreements, and what you get. You need to find a way to become more valuable to other people (ie: get paid for something of value). Whatever you were doing at your last job obviously wasn't very valuable, and there might not be a whole lot that you personally can do for that particular company to be of value yet, unless you get creative. Communists believe that people should receive things by virtue of their need. But there's also a similar belief that people are entitled to receive things if they did their best. That doesn't work either.

I did

Physical Therapy. I work out 3-4 times a week. I use to go running a lot with my dog but haven't since he passed away. I am a skinny guy, so no need for weight loss. If any, I need to gain weight lol. Some days are Ok but some days are horrible with pain. I never did Yoga. I also did Acupuncture but it only worked for a little awhile than the pain came back. I been to three different doctors. One was a back specialist. He really had nothing to offer me except Physical Therapy and Pills. I don't use pain pills. I've seen lives get ruined over that stuff.

Sweating without supplementation is suicide.

You need Oxygen, water and 87 other nutrients every day.

Copper deficient and you get grey hair, joints fail and tissue lose elasticity.

Tin deficient and the gene for male pattern baldness turns on.

Selenium deficient and cancers grow unchecked.

Your aches and pains are the bodies idiot light. Add oil before the engine blows up. It's cheaper.

Couch potatoes live longer 72yr than athletes 62yrs on average because the don't sweat any more than the have to. That's the science.

Free includes debt-free!

As an MD

I like your response. But, people can live with a normal quality of life using the right pain medication, too! Problem is, nowadays, they want to give you things like Lyrica and Cymbalta that can add a whole new set of problems, through side effects! But, they can be miracle drugs to some people. (didn't know you were your own guinea pig, did you?!) Gabapentin really decreases my nerve damage pain to a manageable level!(over-dose being the biggest problem with opiates, followed by constipation!)

Trace elements like Mn, Mg, Li, selenium, copper and such can be helpful. But, they are some of the minerals than can be over-accumulated in the body, too. Vitamins A, E, D, and K are oil soluble, and can be retained to toxic levels as well. I thought two multivitamin pills, with as much as you could get in them, were good for you, long before doctors started saying vitamins helped. In those, prehistoric times, they said vitamins were unneeded in a "normal" diet!

Hello Doctor.

If you could help your patients live to be a healthy 100 years old? Using scientific methods.

Trauma and accidents will always be with us. Oral surgery without modern pain medications is unthinkable, to me. Providing relief to the after-effects of trauma is a kindness rendered.

For under $10 a day, your patients can get everything science says they need.

Join my team, buy product direct and sell them retail and earn 30%. It would be great to have a Doctor on the Team.

I have a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Michigan, my approach to the human machine is medically unorthodox.

Free includes debt-free!

Not really!?

I am setting on my duff disabled from a broken back and a spinal nerve injury called cauda equina syndrome. I agree with good nutrition. I think it does add to ones life span. Even with my injury, I plan on living into my 90s, at least!! I am a non-smoker and drink alcohol, rarely! My diet could be better!

But, I am debt free!

I don't worry about my diet so much any more.

Vet formulated a kit do take daily for the human animal. Out of self interest he created the product he was looking for.

To maximize nutrition for faster healing, do 150% the dose. Normally one healthy start pack per 100 pounds.

Nerves are covered with cholesterol. 2-3 eggs a day per 100 pounds. An egg contains everything needed to create a chick, including nerve tissues.

Fucoidin stimulates some stem cells. Nutritional saturation stimulates stem cells also.$35/week.

All inquiries are confidential.

Here's the deal, you sign up, pay $10 for your own website, and buy a healthy start pak for 30% off. MY wife joined. If I find one more, who does the same, this month, I get a start pak for free.

I don't have much more background on spinal trauma and its problems, yet. Healing, bone, cartilage and nerves requires a lot of building materials. I was surprised.

Free includes debt-free!

Paul S.

i've been intrigued by your posts. could you contact me through here? i might be interested in being a customer.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Sure. I would send you to my site, where I'm enrolling

If you become a preferred customer, for free, you can order the product direct using a credit card. Or like I did with a mail order I got from Western Union.

I'd be happy to help either way. Contact me here:

Free includes debt-free!

You are EXACTLY where the system wants you to be.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Thank you

Seems like the NWO is Chinese water torture.. drop by drip, hour by hour, day by day.. for decades..

I don't believe that Bush doctorine and the Neoliberalcon NWO is backing The Arab/Islam Spring.

The NWO UN Agenda want YOU to HATE America and Israel, because the NWO is about building corporate global empire (and while some of the elite bankers may be Jewish by birth, that is not their interest, least we see the hell many Israeli's live in because of the few (just like America).

You maybe right about Bush and neo cons etc,

but they are only the public face of private enterprise. Your government is the engine that drives Globalisation. The UN is the vehicle, and the Bankers and the money men, the drivers.
The propaganda of America...The Greatest Nation On Earth has payed off, and many Americans can not see that they are a mere blip on the Map of Globalisation.
The UN agenda wants you to hate everyone, until ..PCness homogenises us.

Life is good because death is

Life is good because death is the alternative.

There is no improving your condition with death.

Life is good because, when you think you're at bottom, you can plumb deeper depths of sorrow and pain. And you realize how much you took for granted before. No matter how bad, things can ALWAYS get worse. Smile. Find someone who is worse off. Don't compare to make yourself feel better. Similarly, don't feel bad for them. But reach out. As bad as things are for you, help someone who has it worse, and you will realize just how good life is, and you will feel good. Even if only momentarily. Moments add up. Make them add up.

Your words across a DailyPaul post, met with empathy and consideration and read by those who have shared in their own personal struggles, should be a testament to that. Life is not perfect for anyone, even the most fortunate. Indeed, a defining characteristic of life itself is hardship. Hardships are plentiful, and multiplying. All of us know this.

But through the fray, make sure you cling to, appreciate, and enjoy all the small moments that matter.

Like this one.

Make your pain matter. To you or someone else. And smile about it.

This too will pass

Life is peaks, valleys and plateaus.. change is enevitable.

Help your dad. Get into something like Dental Hygene.. accounting.. check out the local small business classes, or if you have some association connected with business, chamber of commerce.. go check them out.

Plent of peoeple with degrees are deep in debt and out of work. Plenty of people who went for what some might think is menial work, wind up with job security.. matter of fact.. just the other day at the doctor office there was a new person in training.. told me they are graduating their asistant class in a week and already have a job, no debt.. decided to do that after three degrees that gor them nowhere...

Strive to be happy, not because it's easy, but because life is not fair http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8jlou_monty-python-always-...

Welcome to the club

Funny thing, I did go to college thinking that once I got out all of these companies would want me because I had a diploma. I was ready to move anywhere, hoping they would pay for my move and that I would get a company car, etc. That was what my advisors pumped into my brain from elementary school. Man were they wrong. I ended up selling suits and made enough to move out to Los Angeles and from there nothing has gone my way. Most odf the jobs here are being given to ethnics because they have to hire non-whites. College isn't everything, and I have never really used it to my advantage for any job or offer. I swear you could put any college down (not ivy league) on your resume and HR would never check.

TwelveOhOne's picture

On moving expenses...

I've had several jobs after college. Only one has paid moving expenses, and that was back in 1993.

HR might not check but don't forget about consequences. There was a recent story about someone who had lied on their application over 20 years ago, who recently was fired and had pension etc stripped. Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking, or when you think they won't look. Maintaining integrity takes a lifetime; losing it takes an instant. Avoid that instant.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

I am

finding out people from High School have a 4 year degree, no job and have to pay off loans. I see where you are coming from.