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An Odd Law I Just Found Out About Concerning Hummingbirds

As most everyone knows it has been an unusually cold Spring for a lot of us. Here in Arkansas it snowed and was near freezing. This was the first time ever on record for this time of year. Unfortunately the Hummingbirds didn't get a memo that it was going to happen. Well, anyway a neighbor had a bird get inside their greenhouse during the day and they accidently closed it up in there. By the time they found the little fellow he/she was pretty weak. They called me to ask if I knew what to do since I have done my share of animal rescue but hummers were new to me so I got online to look up how to help injured hummingbirds only to find that it was not only illegal to "keep" an injured hummingbird, but that it would be worthy of a HUGE fine for doing so. What a country we live in. Anyway, I told my neighbors that so they gave it some sugar water and set it outside to take it's chances with the elements. Imagine going to jail or being fined thousands of dollars for trying to SAVE A HUMMINGBIRD!

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not big on the global warming scam---- as in taxes and money

but i do see environmental impacts, pollution, and rising temps are happening

wether we are causing it is up for debate,,,, but the earth is changing ,,, that's my stance

if you like hummingbirds rrad this---kind of scary

"Broad-tail hummingbirds that migrate to the Colorado high country in the spring may soon find that their arrival is out of synch with key nectar-providing plants they need to sustain themselves during breeding.

Graceful glacier lilies, for example, are one of the first flowers to bloom when the snow melts, but meticulous research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory near Crested Butte shows they are blooming 17 days earlier than in the 1970s.

The hummingbirds are also migrating a bit earlier, but perhaps not soon enough — by the time they arrive, many of the nectar-laden plants have withered away. Biologists calculate that, if current trends continue, in two decades the hummingbirds will miss the first flowers entirely.

Disruption of the delicate balance between flowering and the nesting cycle could make it difficult for the birds to sustain their populations at the northern end of their range. The hummingbirds only lay two eggs per year and have a relatively short lifespan of only two years. Within a few decades they could disappear from the Southern Rockies, researchers suggest in a new study

feel bad for the little guys,,, and seems like a bad outcome is coming

Skippy d, I'm in Missouri! I love box turtles...anyway I found

an injured box turtle several years back. It had an open wound in it's shell if I am remembering right and maggots to boot. So, I call conservation. They told me I couldn't help it because it was illegal to even have picked it up. Can you imagine, not wanting to help a poor little turtle? And the dear little hummers too? I didn't know that. I guess next time one gets trapped in my sun room I should not insist that it get out. Oh, and don't drink the raw milk either.

I love Arkansas. We used to live in Texas and drive up to Missouri to see my parents. I loved old 71 that went thru Arkansas. It is not the same now that it has been widened.

Texas...one time my husband got in trouble for gathering some spanish moss for me at a state park. Live and learn. At least he didn't get fined.



did you know butterflies taste thru their "feet"
shocked me

anyway--- remember this story and headlines from a couple years ago

11-year-old saves baby bird’s life, gets fined $535 (UPDATE)

11yr-Old Girl Saves Baby Bird From Cat, Mom Gets $535 Fine

it's like we've lost the ability to practice common sense

i love watching these little birds,,,, so amazing

also---read they are quite the fighters---- when they all meet during their journey south and there many stop overs to eat and rest,,, they can get nasty at there shindigs and battle

"The fall migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds, the only hummingbird regularly found east of the Mississippi River, is on, and the past few weeks have seen huge numbers pass through the Fox Valley. Not only are these long-distance wanderers hungry as they wing south, they are also quite feisty. Where multiple birds congregated together, wild chases and aggressive fights, along with some good old sweet romance filled the air."


God help us!!! I would never listen to that law! Poor little animals needs us to help them, God made us a keeper of them.

This is what seperates those who follow natural law from ...

Man made laws.

Separating the wheat from the chaff.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

just north of you in SW Missouri

had 3 humming birds at the feeders, record cold sucked but not cold enough to kill plants weird.

We have a federal licensed Hummingbird researcher about 30 min north of Ark border, give her a call about that hummer.

http://www.news-leader.com/article/20120521/NEWS01/305210017... rds-tracking-metal-band-feeder

Stupid laws like this give people and incentive to bury the bird

Nobody does stupid like government, where collective stupidity rules.

Free includes debt-free!