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Undercover FBI agents infiltrate Oklahoma bingo halls, coffee shops

"Undercover employees would meet with bookie suspects at Oklahoma bingo halls, a doughnut shop, parking lots and restaurants to pay up or get paid, the records show": http://libertyfirewall.com/2013/05/05/undercover-fbi-agents-...

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Income Tax law Is The Probable Source of The Problem

The articles do not explain what federal law is being violated.

My guess is that they are looking for income tax.

We have to get rid of this insane tax. It is used as a method of control and is supported by most Americans. The ONLY viable bill in Congress to get rid of the IRS currently has 72 Congressman as co-sponsors (HR 25). It would require the elimination of the IRS in order for it to be be permanently enacted.

After over thirty years of supporting similar bills to get rid of the IRS, I can tell you from personal experience that it is getting more difficult each year to get rid of this tyrannical, bloated agency.

At the current pace, if we do not support H.R. 25, the IRS will continue to strengthen and there will not be any co-sponsors in Congress to eliminate it.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

They will soon be shrinking

They wont have any money soon. They are part of the past but don't know it yet. The past sucks, so humanity is moving into the future. We aren't being led into the future, we're being drawn into it. Wait and see.


That would be great if the mob majority would wake up. But we cannot count on it. In the past, God had to destroy the mob with the floods because he knew that the mob was too far gone.

I have watched this thing get more bloated each year since I became interested in tyranny many moons ago. President Eisenhower's prediction of the military industrial complex has come true (1950's). A few years later, Barry Goldwater accurately projected the problems that eventually materialized. In the 1980's, I listened to more promises and predictions of collapse that would "save" us (order out of chaos).

Hoping for a collapse to save us is fantasy.

Look at Cuba. They had a major collapse. The people living there are no better off today - still driving fifty year old cars and living the poor life. How did the collapse stop tyranny there?

Let's go back even further. There were a group of people who founded the American Colonies rather than wait for a collapse in Europe. If it had not been for America, Europe would never had improved.

We must be proactive now.

If you do not like politics (who does?), then there are many other ways to convince the mob that they must start to demand true freedoms. But sitting back and waiting for a magic event is not one of them.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

"But sitting back...

...and waiting for a magic event is not one of them."


Even if it just means buying local, not using a big bank, or something 'trivial', any step towards individual liberty is a step in the right direction, IMO.

I think the thing is that so many people feel powerless to do anything significant on their own, so many of "us" just sit around waiting for it all to come crashing down...assuming it will anytime soon. Problem is, that's just going to make things more difficult for everyone on all sides...except for the chosen few.

The way I see it, any change one makes to bring more liberty in their own lives is 'significant' enough.

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