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Why is this no longer http:/www.dailypaul.com/

It seems we get re-directed to http://ftp.dailypaul.com. Also posting comments no longer reflects on the front page. Being logged in gives different results than the front page shows. For example a thread may show only 1 comment, and if not logged in that is all the thread will show. But if logged in and you go to the thread there may be many more comments.

Has dailypaul been highjacked?

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I had already read the second link

but neither said anything about changing from a www to an ftp site. When I went to log in to comment on a thread I had to look up my stored password for the www site in order to log in to the ftp site.
Not really complaining, just seemed a bit strange to me that www.dailypaul.com would redirect to ftp.dailypaul.com, which could easily be a totally different site.

I'm getting three

different 'versions' of the DP, the normal, the ftp, and a 96something IP address-- all of which require their own log in.

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i have it open

in another tab right now. weird.
this tab it's normal.

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