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The "Bifurcated" Government of the United States

Read the Truth We all Understand, but don't dare speak directly:

Our nation, formerly America, has been entirely taken over by a cabal of neo-con, bolshevik, mass-murdering criminals that now control all the mechanisms of our US Government.

"America’s Unspoken Civil War"


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Please read and pass along

this is "must" read.


so others, smarter, bolder and more resourceful than I might provide their thoughts on, 'so now what?'

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Keep on exposing.

Blackwater involvement during Katrina is a good example where mercenaries...er, "contractors", were hired by the gov't for use in domestic situations.

The presence of people dressed in Craft International clothing at the Boston marathon also has raised eyebrows. Some have said they were National Guard CST's, but whether they were Craft or not, if the gov't hired "contractors" like Blackwater before, it'd be foolish to think they wouldn't do it again.