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*problem solved* Need help please! Ideas for natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories needed ASAP

***Edit*** I believe I solved the problem. The pain seems to have been coming from irritation of the delicate new gum tissue from rinsing with hydrogen peroxide in water. Thanks again for all of the wonderful advice and links.


It just occurred to me that the best resource for answers to most problems is the Daily Paul. So I'm pleading with other members for help.

I recently had two wisdom teeth pulled along with #19 molar. I'm healing very well, but the pain from the #19 extraction comes and goes, but when it comes it's like being hit by a Mack truck.

Unfortunately all prescription and over the counter pain meds and ant--inflammatories ruin my stomach, so I've stopped taking them. for the few days that I was taking them, they were not terribly effective anyway.

I have a topical benzocaine gel, but its effectiveness seems to have fizzled.

So I'm appealing to other DP members to share your thoughts on any natural pain killers and anti-inflammatory substances that you may know of.

Thank you in advance.

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Tricky because

You might have dry socket. I don't know how long ago they were extracted but I would take care not to swish anything around in there for fear you might dislodge or disrupt the clotting action. The intense, intermittent pain you are desribing sounds like it could be dry socket in which case you should go back to the dentist to have the socket filled. I know this is not what anyone wants to hear but I would be remiss if I did not mention this unclotted hole is essentially a pathway for serious infection. Be careful. If you smoke def stop for the time being. Good luck.

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I would contact your dentist first thing in the am. From what I gather from the info you gave you are still within the time frame that a dry socket could develop. At this point your pain should be decreasing and if it isn't that is likely to be the reason. If it is, it is only going to get worse until they treat and pack it... and it can get MUCH worse. Better safe than sorry in this case. I've had a dry socket in the past and they are no fun at all. :/

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Thanks. It was Monday that I


It was Monday that I had these out and gum tissue has already healed over the #19 spot. I think it was the HP water rinse I was doing. See my post below.

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It could still be

That it isn't completely closed and there is a dry socket. If it is it will definitely get worse and you will know something is wrong. Hopefully that is not the case and you will start to get some relief soon. I agree with the clove suggestion below. In fact, when they packed my dry socket it was with gauze dipped in clove and it made a big difference in the pain level.

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***A very specially thanks to all of the DP members***

A very specially thanks to all of the DP members who posted suggestions and links. You guys are the best.

Here's what I think was happening. And I'll verify it in time. At some point I switched from rinsing with sea salt water to rinsing with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water because I read in an online forum that it is better at dealing with the horrible taste in your mouth and bad breath that comes along during the healing process. This is in part due to not being able to brush properly until things are tough enough.

It does seem that the hydrogen peroxide/water rinse is very effective. However, I believe it was when I started using it that this horrible pain started kicking in. As soon as I rinsed with salt water the pain dropped way down.

So it seems that using the HP once a day might be a good thing, but salt water should follow it and be used at other times.

Thank you all again. I hope this thread will be of value to others in the future as it has you guys have posted some great info.



PS. I have cheery juice concentrate, turmeric and green tea. I will start using them today.

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Whiskey works good. You soak

Whiskey works good. You soak a piece of cotton in it and surround the area with it. Numbs it, kills the germs, and tastes good, too.

OTC Aspirin contains corn starch and do most meds.

I found a powder in packets that had no fillings or coloring at Kroger. bcpowder.com

Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. Oral surgeons gave me a 2 gel packs, one to use one to freeze.

Colloidal silver topically will help kill any infection that might be causing inflammation.

Invision CM cream is a topical analgesic that's safe and effective at reducing inflammation. Paul_S. seal of approval.

If you order through my site I get a commission on product sales. http://paulsplace.my90forlife.com/ But you order direct, no middleman.

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Right on Paul.

All great stuff and have it all except for the gel packs. Yeah the BC powder works great and is recommended for anyone looking for an additive free aspirin and caffeine pain reliever. However, for me, the aspirin is a gut wrecker. I was taking a 1/2 packet at a time immediately after the surgery and it worked better than the damned liquid Tylenol with codeine.

I have all that Youngevity stuff and more and have had account with them for some time now.

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If I were looking for competition,

I'd ask for the link. Do I have it? Did I miss it?

That Invision CM Cream even works on headaches.

Start behind your ear apply toothpaste sized squirt all the way along your jawline and down to adam's apple and up on cheeks. The secret ingredient is called EFAC. Cetyl Myristoleate.

Doc told callers with ringing in their ears to load ear canal to calm the pinched nerve? I've done it daily for 5 weeks now. Just did it. The effect is gentle and does no harm.

Healing from surgery requires a lot of EFA. Double Down. It will help you keep your brain online.

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LOL No. I've never posted the link on here.

I'm low key about it and only have two customers.

I was putting CM cream all over when this erupted. It might have helped. Not sure.

Yep. Been doubling the EFAs. Moved on to Nordic Naturals ProOmega, and NOW Krill Oil and occasionally I take one of my wife's Nordic Naturals 3-6-9.



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Thanks for the feedback!

Get well soon!

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Thank you.

Thank you.

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Avoid inflammatory foods.

Avoid inflammatory foods. Shortening and trans-fatty acids are inflammatory (margarine and shortening). I found a really helpful anti-inflammatory tea made of turmeric and ginger. They are blood thinners though so I wouldn't drink it with aspirin or ibuprofin since they are also blood thinners. I take a cup of water, put about a teaspoon of the spice turmeric and a shake of ginger (about a quarter teaspoon) and bring to a boil for about a minute (you don't have to use the ginger if you don't want but it works better). Drink it like a hot tea (I put a touch of sugar and lemon to taste better). Great stuff for pain. I also learned to make calendula marigold tincture and has already been tried on tooth abcess (works great for pain too). I don't know if you can buy it already made in a health food store. This is not the kind of marigold you put out in veggie gardens. Ask a health food store and they might have tincture with calendula. I grew some and soaked the petals in vodka for 6 weeks then strained it. You can take a cotton ball soaked in the tincture and chew on it. Very good for tooth/gum pain. If you're unsure of inflammatory foods, I had a doctor refer me to a website called deflame.com I think. It has some helpful tips to stay away from them while you are in pain.

My suggestions...

Make sure you don't have a dry socket...when a dry socket is treated the pain leaves immediately
Tylenol doesn't kill my stomach and is good for some relief
There are certain pain pills that won't cause stomach discomfort
I once took an indictable anti-inflammatory made for horses...I'm not saying your as dumb as me...
There are lots of intramuscular injectable pain meds out there that bi-pass the gut

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Tylenol Works When Others Do Not

Tylenol works for me when Ibuprophen does not. It is like it works the opposite way on me.

Ibuprophen works as well but I have been amazed how plain Tylenol works perfectly or better in many situations.

Clove oil has long been used topically for dental pain...

Turmeric especially Curcumin taken internally is a natural anti-inflammatory.

I can vouch for that!

I can vouch for that! Turmeric works great! I put turmeric tea directions in another comment above.

This is the best website I have found for

finding alternative remedies for ALL ailments.


Cherries: Fresh, Dried, or Juice. They have powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, more powerful than aspirin or ibuprofen.

Here is one of many articles: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/246030.php

And I am guessing that it won't cause liver, kidney, and stomach damage like aspirin and ibuprofen might.

A stimulant, like caffeine, might enhance the pain-killing effect. It works for me.

Buy An Aloe Vera Leaf

and put the gel on cotton and hold it on the area that is sore. It's a great antibacterial and antifungal and pain killer. Also make juice and drink it. It will aide in healing faster.



Green Tea

and lots of it. I had a tooth infection below the gum line, it was killing me on a Friday. I called the dentist and they made me an appointment for the next Monday. I read somewhere online to try green tea. I went out and bought a couple boxes of green tea, I drank 36 cups of slightly warm green tea between Friday and Monday, by Saturday the pain was nearly gone and by Monday it was totally gone. I went to the dentist anyway and they took an x-ray He said he could slightly see a sign of infection at the tip of the root. He wanted to do a root canal, I declined and continued my green tea regimen though I reduced it to 4 cups a day and I have no problem with that tooth since. Been over 2 months now.

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I was in severe pain after dental work once and was

using the frozen pea trick - the pain was getting worse so I switched to wet washcloths warmed in the microwave. For whatever reason the heat was very successful whereas the cold made the pain worse.

Scripps is doing studies on: Tabernaemontana divaricata (also known as crepe jasmine) - a natural plant they think has the same effectiveness as Morphine without the side effects. I think I read that you can make a tea from the bark. Never tried it, know nothing first hand.

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Stevia works well for pain relief (in your mouth, on your gums..

along with vitamin C.

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I am assuming that you are

I am assuming that you are drinking some sort of shake for sustenance. When making the shake, blend in some cannabis edibles. Hallucinagens are the most effective painkiller, however it might be overkill for what you need. For the anti-bacterial, peyote has a compound called peyocactin, while peyote is also used for toothache. For the anti-inflammatory: bright fruits, olive oils, garlic, vegetables, but ultimately tylenol is probably the most effective.

sea salt

and hot water has helped me.

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Too rinse with or drink?

Too rinse with or drink?

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gods, don't drink it, it will

gods, don't drink it, it will make you throw up..RINSE with it..lol

Some folks do drink sea salt

Some folks do drink sea salt water for health reasons. I have in the past with no issues.

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Nothing Hot!

Slightly warm or room temp is Ok, but if you're really in pain, don't expect much from salt water.

Have you tried to take your meds with buttermilk or a milk shake? The combo of ibuprofen and Tylenol with help with both the pain and inflammation. Any herbal meds that will give you any real p[ain relief are either illegal, difficult to find, and may upset your stomach, too.

Thanks for the ideas. Problem

Thanks for the ideas.

Problem is that all Tylenol/acetaminophen has corn in it, which I'm extremely allergic too. The exception being this liquid Tylenol with codeine that I have. To be honest, even if I doubled the dose, it was not that effective.

Ibuprofen is one of the most wicked on the gut and seems that most of them have corn starch or "mystery" starch in them.

The gastroenterologist told me years ago that I should never take aspirin, ibuprofen etc. ever again. And he was right. When I have gone against his advice, I've paid for it.

Aleve is effective and has no bad ingredients in it, but it too is rough on the gut.

Interestingly, I did just rinse with salt water and the pain calmed down. May be psychosomatic but I'm happy it let up a bit.

You are probably correct regarding herbal meds.

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