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Ron Paul was front and center in Fred Meyer

Just wanted to share that yesterday I went grocery shopping at my local Fred Meyer and chose to wear my Write-in Ron Paul t-shirt. I felt the adrenaline pumping the whole time and was actually not so surprised that no one commented on my choice of attire. As you may know I wrote-in Ron Paul here in Oregon and was a party to the lawsuit filed by Richard Gilbert in order to get Ron Paul on the ballot in all states as a write-in candidate without a formal declaration to appear as such.

Regardless, I felt alive and was not one bit ashamed that I supported the ONLY candidate who gave his life to support and uphold the Constitution and oath he took upon entering office.

Long live Liberty!

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anyone have any attire or hats for sale?

I would be interested.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Thank you all...

for contributing and acknowledging that Ron Paul is still alive and well across the Nation :)

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I Drive Courteously

I have to admit, I drive more carefully because of my Ron Paul bumper sticker. Gotta defend our reputation.

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I would wear one if I had one.

I would wear one if I had one. When I wanted to get one, all of the good designs were sold out.

still sporting

2 Ron Paul bumper stickers on the car--get thumbs up alot at gas stations and grocery stores.
Wear our t-shirts at an event we know there will be a crowd.

Ditto to that

here in Cincinnati.


Here in the suburbs of Atlanta, I've noticed a NEW Ron Paul sticker or 2 on traffic signs recently. Reminds me a little of who is John Galt stickers.

I just wear normal clothes with a Ron Paul hat.

I just wear normal clothes with a Ron Paul hat. If people ask about it then I give them a few of my beliefs without throwing my opinions down their throat. Just look normal and act normal and that wil help to keep people calm.


I know not everyone here admires...

Alex Jones and that is fine...but, I am getting ready to put up the Infowars.com sticker in my back window. I am not necessarily always for the stylized frenzy of his rants, but they always strike home and they always demonstrate the ability we all have to say what we believe to be real and not feel ashamed to do so.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


we all have to admit he chose an excellent domain name which is really a sign of the times. Perhaps that in and of itself is enough to wake people up.

We still have five Ron Paul stickers on our car

and wear our shirts (even together. :)

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Break out a Constitution

Break out a Constitution t-shirt and you'll really get some comments. I did.

Still rocking two Ron Paul

Still rocking two Ron Paul bumper stickers on my old truck.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I wear my rEVOLution hoodie every morning when I

work out. Gives me the motivation to work out harder.

Wear my RP t-shirts all the time

Wore it today when I went to a beach house to meet my daughters boyfriends aunt. I think its important they know who I am right from the get go. :-)


I still wear my Ron Paul stuff out regularly waiting for someone to say something. It's a good chance to let someone start a conversation with you, then you can point them in the direction of liberty or at least give them something to think about that doesn't revolve around the tabloid magazines at the checkout.

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