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New Fire Mueller and Napolitano Facebook Started

also a new White House petition started. Facebook description wonderfully short and to the point:

If we can't stop the people we know about, how on earth can we stop the people we DON'T know about? Since they don't have enough accountability to step down on their own, then both Napolitano and Mueller should be FIRED. Write to Congress and demand their resignations.

Now they are doing "shelter in place" everywhere, as a result of official incompetence at best. Push back now, people. Push back!

Facebook page:

White House petition: FIRE FBI Director Mueller for ignoring warnings and letting the Boston Bombing happen!

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Although I have my doubts about the value of those petitions, I'd like to see them fired.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Someone arrest these two..

they're getting away!

Release the Sandy Hook video.