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Meet Raoul Rodriguez tea party patriot and hero.

There seems to be some unjust tyrrany going on down here in Texas if you were to ask super patriot and active tea party member Raoul Rodriguez. Your constitutional rights are being violated on a daily basis and it's time that you practiced your Second Amendment rights and did something about it.

And so reflecting true spirit of the tea party Raoul Rodriguez to started taking matters into his own hands and started patrolling with a gun on him and patrolling Neighborhoods day and night watching out for any of those who had violated his constitutional rights.

I mean if the neighbors dog stepped in his yard he was gunned down and nobody can stop this guy's constitutional rights from being violated .

Raoul Rodriguez was also a strong supporter of the founding fathers of the t-party Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. Because these two geniuses know how to interpret the Constitution. So perfectly and if you don't agree them you are a communist socialist pinko that has no right to live and should be gunned down for trying to take away there Second Amendment rights.

This seems to be the common view of most tea party activists. Be completely paranoid of your government and the black muslum socialist, Barak Obama but blindly follow nut job, psyco treasonous tea party terrorists like Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent who believe our problems can be solved by the violent overthrow of our government. Oh they're not going to do this themselves. They are way too cowardly themselves There just actively encouraging others nut job right-wing psychotea party movement.

Isn't it time we a stop to this. Isn't it time we stopped supporting tea party terrorism

I was a member of the tea party once I voted for Ron Paul as a libertarian candidate 2008 . Not so much for what he believed in but because of his peaceable solutions and intolerance for violence over democracy. But now the tea Farty stands for violently overthrowing the government if you have a true strong belief that your constitutional rights are being violated.

Let this sink into your head you retard tea party losers. Discussing participating are threatening to bring down the federal government through violent means is treason it is a crime punishable by death.

Now isnt it time to seriously say goodbye to the tea party.

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