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North American Union and the Latino Community Question

I live in an area where quite a few of my my neighbors are illegal aliens either from Mexico or Guatemala.

Today I was having a conversation with the son of one of our neighbors.
I think he is around 18 or 19 years old.
His sister's husband who is here illegally from Guatemala is in the process of being deported and we where discussing it, in the course
of our conversation he told me that if United States would do like
Europe did and form a North American Union it would solve allot of their problems.
I was shocked he was even aware of the North American Union. Naturally that opened a door for me to explain
to him why a North American Union would not exactly be in their best interest in the long run. One of those cutting off your nose
spite your face scenarios.

I think I remember a Mexican national that was a staff member of John McCain's during the 2008 presidential run advocating for a North American Union.

I was curious if anyone else has ran into this with the Latino community ?

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Reconquista comes to mind,

Reconquista comes to mind, but I can't say I know a lot of people in the latino community.

Southern Agrarian