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9/11 still continues to eat at me.

How can we ever overcome this?

The lie has been so cemented in American culture. It's too scary to confront the truth for any public figure. This video made me cry for all the wrong reasons.


If anyone is going to save this country it's us. It's just so hard sometimes.

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Marker of a new era

I agree, 9/11 with the horrifying image of burning Twin Towers etched into our brains, marks the beginning anew era. I like Justin Raimondo's term: Bizarro World. Our government has always done evil things but TPTB at least paid lip service to our principles and laws. Now they show that they don't care - (the Constitution is just a G*dD* piece of paper done you know). And we will never get an honest investigation as long as the same PTB are running things.

My hope is the alternate media and the fact so many people are beginning to understand that that the Government, opinion establishment (MSM, the educational establishment) and "Too-Big-to-Fail Inc.'s" are in cahoots. Naturally there is a lot of disagreement about solutions at this point. (And there is foundation-funded fake alternate media out there.) Still the work of researchers such as AE9/11, Sibyl Edmund and the folks at Tragedy and Hope blog and DP has been tremendous.


A Nation of Sheep

One of the remarkable things is to compare the reaction of our Country after 9/11, and contrast that with the reaction after the Kennedy Assassination.

By 1966, there were many doubts, and public figures openly questioning what happened in the Kennedy murder (and related events). By the late 60s the public largely did not accept the official story anymore. And when Oliver Stone's JFK came out, over 80% of the public no longer believed in those lies (this number has come down a bit since, due to aggressive efforts by Network News TV to ridicule "conspiracy theorists").

But 9/11 happened in the age of YouTube, and the Internet, where from day 1, there was public information and evidence to easily disprove the "official story" that was being spun. Yet here we are some 12 years later, and the public remains largely uninformed, without any critical thinking fsacility, and they get even angry and dismissive of just the idea that the Military Dictatorship that we live under (and which constantly takes away our rights) could possibly be lying to us about the events that day. Dick Cheney is to be trusted we are told.

Even "Mr. Politically Incorrect" himself, Bill Maher, a man who embraces criticism of the Establishment, a man who never voted for Bush, angrily ridiculed an audience member, and had his Security kick him to the curb just for expressing a statement that 9/11 should be reinvestigated.

"Truthers" they are all mocked as, as if seeking the truth was a bad thing?

I never thought that in this day and age, something like the Kennedy Assassination could occur unnoticed, and that people would be far more suspicious.

But in just the last few years, we have mulitple criminal events of that magnitude beginning with the fraudulent and ficitional election of George W. Bush (along with the new idea that a standard recount was "a bad thing"), the 9/11 staged attack (with an obvious breakdown of NORAD and the FAA), the fraudulent Wars of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, etc., the Trillion Dollar Bailouts for Wall Street, and the complete acceptance of Human Torture, and perpetual global Warfare.

I think this Country is doomed.

The rich don't care enough to try and change it.
And the poor would be too economically harmed, or physically harmed if they tried.

Its exceedingly rare for me to watch TV anymore but

when I do, its normally a sporting event that people are watching at a friends house or some club. At the clubs I go to the volume is always muted and when I'm at a friends house I always grab the remote and mute it before the "prayers and pagantry" begin. Like many people, until I woke up, I had no idea how much the State used sports to promote itself and corporations. I used to follow pro & college football and nascar really close. Now I couldn't care less about any of them...but the crap at the begining when they force feed Statist BS just makes me want to puke. lol. Of course once you wake up, our whole society gets laid bare right in front of your eyes and its not a pretty site. Its painfully obvious why so many sheeple remain willfully ignorant. In the information age, ignorance is a choice.

As far as 9/11, more and more people are being forced to accept the reality that the official story is a conspiracy theory. In my circle of friends I've turned a handful of skeptics into believers but I also lost several friends too. But even the people who have cut ties with me because I'm a "kook" and I "believe what I read on the internet"...they know something about 9/11 is suspect. The truth needs no laws and the truth does not require information to be hidden under the guise of "national security" or because it might "jepordise public saftey". Ironically, keeping the bulding 7 NIST test paramaters sealed and unavailble to the public may indeed be because the State feels public saftey might be jepordised. If enough of the public knew that criminal elements of our national security State played a part in terrorizing our own people for political ends and war profits...our public officials would have serious saftey concerns.

Puts a whole new meaning behind W's statement a decade ago when he said "you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists". What he did not mention is that Terrorist-R-US. Just like all the other false choices we are given...either option puts you with terrorists. A more truthful choice would have been, you are either with us, the terrorists or you have got to fight to keep your liberties.

9/11 changed everything. SO WILL THE TRUTH!


amateur Sports.

Do your best have no expectations

Murder Has No Statute of Limitations

Some Prosecutor from New York or a Grand Jury from New York just needs to assert their jurisdiction and bring charges against anyone they have some evidence against. That would open the whole can of worms in the context of a criminal investigation.

May our efforts in support of Congressman Ron Paul be blessed with supernatural success.

It should

That's a normal reaction. It's surreal watching these displays during sporting events. I never really noticed how much a part of sports this type of thing was until recently. I mean, I saw it all but just didn't realize how much of it there was and how the "rah rah state!" could have worked (in a subtle way).

Ron Paul, and some choice friends, simply needs to...

...go on tour....

20,000 to 40,000 people in a stadium to hear the TRUTH cannot be ignored...

They're calling us politically irrelevant, wearing tin foil hats still...

Liberty Rallies..... (dot com?)

...an idea is born!!! ???


It is a good idea. I don't think it will happen.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sports ... you know I love em !!!


Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

See -- Fulfilled: The Sycamore Tree,

Fulfilled: The Sycamore Tree, 9/11 and the American Prophecy Has Come to Pass


Thought struck me while

Thought struck me while watching:

Imagine a world without professional sports. What would people do?

Unfortunately, it will likely take the collapse of the US...

for most people to wake up and do anything about 911.

I stood a 911 skeptic down 10 years ago, just with the publicly acknowledged information at that time (no Building 7 or nanothermite).

Sadly, as recently as 2010, discussing 911 would get you castigated here at the DAILY PAUL.

The first books on the Pearl Harbor coverup I read over 50 years ago; and the majority of Americans still believe Lincoln was a great president.