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A worldwide pamphlet mailbox campaign - Can we do it?

Geez, I am frustrated.

It is so obvious how the media controls the population with propaganda yet you still can not talk sense to some people.

I have been following the UKIP campaign in the UK council elections. While UKIP are not really libertarian they do have a leader who is willing to expose the EU for what it is - a giant grab at power. They are also anti-establishment so I am keen to see them do well.

Just like the Ron Paul campaign I noticed a massive media smear campaign against UKIP 3 days before the council elections. Most of the claims were tenuous but they were meant purely to destabilize the UKIP campaign.

Luckily UKIP did do well and are causing quite a stir, we need more of it.

I am however concerned that our job is becoming harder by the day. We need ways of getting people to realise that the government does work hand in hand with big business to monopolize industry and that the current banking & welfare systems are not in our best interests.

The media still controls the arguments. It is laughable to hear people who think they have original ideas regurgitate the contents of the newspaper back to you as if they have a complete grip on a particular matter.

I still hear far to many people who want to say "The government should do something to look after other people etc" instead of people looking at themselves and asking what they can do to help.

Another statement that drives me crazy is - "Hey at least we don't live in Africa" is this an excuse to sit by and watch our country being driven down the tubes?

We need to educate people so that they can counter these statements.

I had an idea that was inspired by a pamphlet written by Frederic Bastiat see below;


We could condense libertarian ideas in the form of a simple A4 sheet phamphlet that could be downloaded by those with similar views and distributed to their local community via the mail box.

This would spread the message and would allow for anonymity while doing it. It would also be an outlet for people who like me think they are having some effect in spreading libertarianism.

The pamphlet should be universal in nature (could be from any country), should be simple to read and should be as comprehensive as possible.

I will get started on a simple draft but if would be great to get the combined knowledge of the daily paul to add something to this and harshly critique the final draft so that it holds up well to arguments.

People are confused, they do not know which way to turn - we need to provide the answers. This could be a great tool in spreading the message of liberty.

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I pass out flyers and articles every single day

I keep a pile of various articles and other information (like stuff about 9/11 and the federal reserve) in my car and anytime I find a place I can put 1 or 10...I do it. I devoloped a knack for finding clever places to put material when I used to guerilla campaign for Ron Paul.

I love tossing things into open car windows in the parking lots of cars. I even tossed a RP super flyer into a running police car that was parked in front of a bank back when I was doing the RP stuff.

I also put articles and info into those newspaper racks that are outside quick stops and stores that offer FREE periodicals.

I've put stuff inside stores on the magazine racks...hell, anywhere I think even 1 person may pick it up...I put it. It makes me feel great when I get a lot distributed.

I'll know things are reaching a tipping point when I come across someone ELSE's efforts other than just mine...but for now...I just keep soldiering on. :-)

That is great!

You are doing exactly what I think I should be doing.

Thanks I think it is the best idea for spreading these messages.

Great to hear about the ideas you have.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."


The Liberty Day Challenge is one idea.

No More Legal Criminals is another.

Good luck, and if you are serious about harsh critique then that will prove to be true in due time.


Great ideas as well.

Had no idea about the campaigns you mentioned.


Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."