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Rand Paul’s Task in 2016: How to Sell Country Liberty to the City

Today, it’s hard to truly go “off-grid,” but there is negative liberty to be found in rural America. The farther away from an urban core you are—provided you’re on private property and not in some government-protected wilderness preserve (like, er, Walden Woods!)—you will be “freer” in the libertarian sense than you would be in, say, downtown Manhattan: freer to exercise your Second Amendment rights, and far, far less likely to have your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights violated. Within reason, and with respect to the basic rights of others, you are free to do as you please.

The closer you get to an urban core, your negative liberty diminishes. Your elbow room becomes considerably more cramped. You must obey noise ordinances. Building permits become an even bigger hassle to obtain. If you’re like me, you have to pay twenty bucks to a county government just to garage your damn car.