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State Banks: State taxes could entirely be paid with public credit | Conference: June 2-4, 2013

Currently, N. Dakota can claim itself as the ONLY State owned bank in America. (http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=n.%20dakota%20bank&so...)

Public Banking 2013 -- Funding the New Economy
This is a conference available to educate and promote public banking on June 2-4, 2013 in San Rafael (Northern California).

Among the bullet points addressed at the conference will be:
State budget deficits end
as state-owned banks create at-cost credit. The US has only one state with increasing budget surpluses: the only one with a state-owned bank.
State taxes are entirely paid
with ~5% public mortgages and credit.
Trillions in taxpayer surpluses are returned
from documented government CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) as at-cost credit replaces rainy-day funds.
Truth in banking opens debt-free money:
US national debt is ended forever, and we have full employment for the best infrastructure we can imagine (documentation here, here, here).
Truth in banking and money can open truth everywhere:
unlawful US wars can end, poverty can end, trillions of more dollars returned in the broader economy, and even truth from corporate media.

More details can be found here:

How many of your State representatives know about it?
registration info here:

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Monopoly cannot exist

As the force of competition forces quality up and cost down there is no way a legal fraud in progress like the Monopoly Nation State with the Legal Money Monopoly, or World Reserve Currency, can exist.

Those who have managed to make a killing by investing in the fraud in progress are killing the host, on purpose, and they will be looking for a new host, probably in Asia, much has been transferred into China already.

This place, this target, this subject of legal crime called America is being raided from the inside out, and it is well past time for those honest productive people among us to figure out what is being planned for us, and to act in defense against it, to defend Liberty instead of investing in crime made legal.

This type of competitive advantage, a competition of sovereign (disconnected) State banks is along the same lines as the events that brought about Magna Carte and Trial by Jury in England; whereby the Barons combined forces and demanded an end to the reign of tyranny.


"The barons of England, sustained by the common people, having their king in their power, compelled him, as the price of his throne, to pledge himself that he would punish no freeman for a violation of any of his laws, unless with the consent of the peers - that is, the equals - of the accused."

Had enough?

Take back Liberty.

Those most powerful among us, sociopaths, psychopaths, very well paid liars, as they set their own pay rates, and pass on the bills to the gullible victims they target, those evil few, are pushing for World War III, and America is on the schedule for another loss, and the National Debt will be collected, and the new owners won't be forgiving, and the new owners won't be forgetting.

That is the path of Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question, and there is no lesser evil, that is it.

It is past time to invent, produce, and maintain competitive options.

Have a beautiful day, please.


Parallel Banking...

If we can consider parallel currencies....
why not parallel banking?
Not compulsory.... an ALTERNATIVE.
The State citizen's choice to strengthen their State...


The Bank of North Dakota (BND) is a state-owned and -run financial institution based in Bismarck, North Dakota. Under state law the bank is the State of North Dakota doing business as the Bank of North Dakota.[1]

The state and state agencies are required to place their funds in the bank, local governments are not required to do so. The Bank of North Dakota was established by legislative action in 1919 to promote agriculture, commerce and industry in North Dakota.[2] Other entities may also open accounts at the Bank; however, BND offers fewer retail services than other institutions, and has only one office, limiting its competitiveness in consumer banking.[3]

Instead, BND has taken a role more akin to a central bank, and has many functions, such as check clearing, that might be expected from a branch office of the Federal Reserve. The bank does have an account with the Federal Reserve Bank, but deposits are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, instead being guaranteed by the general fund of the state of North Dakota itself and the taxpayers of the state.[3]

BND also guarantees student loans (through its Student Loans of North Dakota division), business development loans, and state and municipal bonds.[3]

Though initially conceived by populists in the Non-Partisan League as a credit union-style institution to free the farmers of the state from predatory lenders, the bank's functions were largely neutered by the time of its inception by the business-backed Independent Voters Association. The recall of NPL Governor Lynn Frazier effectively ended the initial plan, with BND taking a more conservative central banking role in state finance. The current president and CEO is Eric Hardmeyer, however the bank is managed by the North Dakota Industrial Commission, which is composed of the Governor, Attorney General, and the Agriculture Commissioner (formerly the Agriculture and Labor Commissioner) of North Dakota.[4]

The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned facility of its type in the United States other than the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank.