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Being a Victim of Committing Victimless Crimes - CASE 1: License Plate Registration

The Latin base of the word “registration”, is ‘regis’ – this means “King”.

Once again, I found myself in line at the courthouse to register my license plates with the State of Colorado. It is fun to pay the State for the “privilege” of being “legal” to drive my car (my property that I pay for), since it is my Constitutional right to transport myself wherever I like with whatever mode of transportation that I so choose. I like to pay for things and ask permission from the State for the right to do things so granted to me by my Creator.

Sarcasm aside, I really don’t like paying the State for things that do nothing to benefit me or my community. I should be able to drive where I want, how I want, when I want, because I have that right to take myself there. I am not talking about having insurance, or having a driver’s license (which are both great additional issues to discuss), I am just talking about registering my license plates.

If I didn’t register my license plates with the State, I would be subject to getting tickets from “law enforcement” agencies, enforcing these laws that do nothing to protect people’s property, but rather generate revenue. When I have expired tags, I am considered a criminal, and must pay a fee to the State. I am a criminal, but there is no victim. But that doesn’t matter to the State – it does not matter that I did not harm anyone or their property, what matters is that my inadequacy at paying licensing fees will still generate revenue for the State through tickets and fees. Bow down and pay, or be punished. Yippee!

How many tickets are written by law enforcement agencies that have nothing to do with “keeping the peace” or “protecting the people”? How many times have you received a ticket and have paid that ticket to the government so that you can maintain your privilege (which is actually your right) to drive around town, around the country? If you did not pay that ticket, if you did not license your vehicle, if you did not register your vehicle, you would be considered a criminal. Are you?

We are victims of committing victimless crimes. We are afraid of fees, of losing our “privilege” to drive, of being thrown in jail – and so we blindly accept that we must pay government to keep up “legal”, to keep us “safe”, and to maintain the operations of government (oh, the efficiencies) that “help” us. But, we are not criminals. We are not criminals for not having the means to pay licensing fees, to pay registration fees, to pay tickets and to pay government for the ability to do things. We are not criminals for being poor, or for being unable to pay to State for permission to do things.

We are not criminals, and we can embrace the power we have as individuals to bring common sense back to government, and back to a place where we are no longer victims of committing victimless crimes. It starts with you, recognizing that power you have. Now do it!

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Reject ALL government licensing frauds

... rescind / cancel / do not renew and be sure to tell them government bureaucrats are the ones who should be required to get a license ! Over four years now without a driver's license... closing my po box and all bank accounts .... to hell with government fraud.

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I have taught my kids so many lessons and they

really are quite aware of things, but their fear of me being pulled over for an outdated registration sticker (which is not and has never been) scares them to bejithers.

And so the work continues.

I've seen cops in Houston

I've seen cops in Houston stand on the side of the road of some freeways during rush hour, when traffic is going 5-15mph, and check everyone's registration and inspection sticker dates. Pretty lame.

Southern Agrarian

Years Ago....

...It was no big deal to;
"slap" a set of plates on a car to transport it.
(your plates, your "ID" etc).
My uncle used to go buy vehicles like the "old horse trader" that he was, and he would do this to get them home...no problem.

Times certainly change...along with "The Laws".
A friend gave me a car (years ago) and while "transporting it, I was pulled over, cuffed, arrested, ticketed, towed.....

*****Present Day**********
*Renewed a registration on a truck I own.
*Paid the YEARLY FEE and was "given" a "temporary registration sticker", until such time that the truck was "inspected".
I was shocked!
Usual Protocol:
*Reg issued; inspection done when possible(ASAP) and if you drove it past the 10-day "temporary" inspection date, you got a ticket (if caught).
I was "under the gun" to "git 'er done" within ten days, for inspection.
BUT ALSO....within 14 days or the REGISTRATION would EXPIRE.
Remember now...I PAID for a YEAR of REGISTRATION.
Since the state was screwing me...I screwed them back:
*Exempt from "INSPECTIONS" (like all government vehicles)
*No "Stickers" on my windshield are necessary.
Just license plates...simply stating: "FARM VEHICLE"
DMV Clerk: "Do you grow stuff"?
Me: "Yeah".
End of story.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

it also violates privacy.


I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

I Got A Ticket In Dallas

for making a right turn on a red light. I stopped looked to see what was coming, waited for pedestrians and the trolley to go by and then turned. I was immediately pulled over by a motorcycle cop who was laying in wait for people to do that. He said there was a sign that said "no right turn on red". I had NEVER seen the sign so I went back and looked REAL HARD for it. It was tiny and in words at the top of a light with a lot of other signs. Most "no right on red" signs in the metroplex were big red arrows with a No symbols on them. Not in downtown Dallas though. They do the tiny worded signs because they KNOW people don't see them. I went to court to fight it but the first thing the damned judge said to the room full of people was "If any of you are going to argue that you didn't see signs, it won't work!" I got up and left.


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US court: Driving a vehicle is a right

"Even the legislature has no power to deny to a citizen the right to travel upon the highway and transport his property in the ordinary course of his business or pleasure, though this right may be regulated in accordance with the public interest and convenience. - Chicago Motor Coach v Chicago 169 NE 22
("Regulated" here means traffic safety enforcement, stop lights, signs, etc. NOT a privilege that requires permission i.e.- licensing, mandatory insurance, vehicle registration, etc.)


I recently

received a $127 fine for using the connecting road between highways (the one that says Emergency and Authorized Vehicles). One must choose one's battles so I paid it, grudgingly. There was no crime since no one was hurt, and I was careful pulling back out into traffic, etc. And frankly, I was having an emergency--I was lost, taking exit ramps and trying to find the 'correct' route was not working; my normal route was inaccessible due to a bridge being repaired/under construction. (I have absolutely no sense of direction.) If nothing else, those signs should be worded differently, made more clear, imo. I had also noticed that 2 of the connecting roads were NOT labeled, no sign was present. I think if I had used one of those, I would have chosen to fight the issue.
And I agree that being treated like a criminal because one is poor and unable to pay for the upkeep of these ridiculous codes and/or non-crimes is wrong in every way. I actually had to borrow money to pay the fine. I don't have that kind of money just laying around...

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just talking about this

now,,, when u first get car and need new plates,,,, you go and register car and get plates
dmv must do the work of initially registering it,,, enterng info into computer,give you plates,printouts,, etc

so i can see paying for that

but why must you pay a new fee each year,,,, at that point there is no work,,, and no changes

why must we pay every year when any work that is done,,,, which justifies payment is that initial time,,,, each new year nothing changes,,, therefore why do i pay that same amount,,, or full amount,,,at least reduce it to like 10-15 bucks,,, not 75.00 per year

i see your point ,,, but see we're screwed to pay something,,,,, so i see questioning the fee each additional year as a battle to fight,,,, although both are losing propositions

many don't even question it,,,,, we've been brainwashed to just pay up and move along

Re: Roads

1. User fees do not pay for roads as claimed in other comments. The shortfall is covered by property taxes.

2. The terms driving, transporting, vehicle, motor vehicle, etc. all refer to a FOR HIRE activity while using the public highways as a place of business to derive a gain. Not only has SCOTUS (not that I give two cents what their opinion is) declared a state can not convert a right to a privilege SCOTUS (as recently as 2009) has repeatedly upheld traveling the public highway for business in the ordinary course of life by whatever means of the day is a natural and fundamental right.

3. Do you own your car? Do you have all of the original documents bearing live signatures? I would wager someone else is in possession of the original documents with live signatures and you know what they say about possession ... it is 9/10 of the law.

4. A name is a tool. You did not pop out of the womb with a name. A name is just like a shovel or any other tool. If you are using a name as it appears on a government identification you are operating as a citizen performing a function of government subject to all applicable codes, statutes, orders, and decrees. It is not the tool itself that counts but how the tool is used. Was it being used to derive a gain or benefit from Ceasar?

5. What is the state and what does it mean to be subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the state? The state is akin to a club ordained and established by we the people, whichever people that was. You do not have to be a club member to exist but only members are protected. Members must follow rules to maintain good standing. Subject matter jurisdiction is akin to 1) were you a operating as a club member which is a political distinction, and 2) were you operating within the club's defined property boundaries.

"Carl Miller - Right to

"Carl Miller - Right to travel without a license plate"


"Carl defends himself against charge of driving without a license plate. No state may convert a constitutional liberty into a privilege. No law can take away your rights that were given to you by God."

Driving is a privilege, not a right LOL

I remember reading this in the New Jersey Drivers Manual when I was taking drivers ed eleven years ago. I remembered it cuz they kept saying over and over its a privilege. Gotta love the brainwashing

Pg. 110 - New Jerseys Drivers Manual 2013


Driving is a privilege, not a right. State law allows or requires an individual’s drivingprivilege to be suspended for certain motor vehicle violations, which means the driver license will be taken away and the motorist may not drive for a stated period of time. In addition to license suspension, fines and imprisonment may also be
imposed formoving violations. The length of suspension time depends on the law that is broken and how many convictions a motorist receives. Likewise, license restoration depends on the types of offenses and the number of convictions. A habitual offender is a motorist whose driver license has been suspended three times in three years. To avoid any problems, it is important to know and obey New
Jersey’s traffic laws,which are in place to protect every motorist.
Some suspensions are decided on a case-by-case basis. If the sentence is not mandatory, the Chief Administrator of the MVC or the courts may suspend driving privileges. Reasons for loss of driving privileges may include, but is not limited to the following reasons:

• Failure to appear in court or to pay fines
• Failure to pay motor vehicle surcharges
• Driving while suspended
• Failure to provide proof of insurance
• Physical or mental disqualification
• Drug or alcohol use
• Traffic law violations
• At fault in a fatal accident
• Failure to respond to an MVC notice

The MVC Chief Administrator may also require a re-examination of any person considered to be a problem driver. This re-examination will help to determine whether driving privileges should be suspended.


Its all about precrime

You get a speeding ticket because you "might" get in an accident
You get a DUI because you might hurt someone
You get your license taken for driving without insurance because you might damage property
You get a license plate because you might be a criminal.

It's about pre-crime, and regardless of how plausible it might be, it's against the principles of American justice, innocence until proven guilty.

"I was preventing harm"

That's what a cop told me while he was committing felony extortion against me by using threats fear and intimidation to force me into contract. Cops who claim they are "preventing harm" while harming you are literally insane. The "courts" that claim the State is the Accuser, the State is the judge and the State is the one who gets paid in an unlawful tender prohibited for use by any State are just as insane.

I cannot take the "Courts" seriously any more. Now that I know the unlawful tender they are using violent force for us to use is actually mathematically guaranteed to fail according to (P+I)>P (principle plus interest is owed back to private banks who only ever put P into circulation) I literally cannot even look at these men and women working the "courts" as competent, sane, or just. They are literally insane lunatics who either have no idea what they are doing or are completely corrupt to the core. My fear of them is GONE and now anytime they attempt to commit crime against me I just ask them questions on the record, that use exact quotes from code of the felonies they are committing, to see how many crimes they will admit to before they dismiss the case. It is amazing how many of them will literally admit to crimes on the record. My conclusion is that they really are the most insane dangerous criminals in our communities. How can that be justice?

How can anyone take them seriously anymore as ones who claims to be practicing or upholding the law? When are We the People going to start arresting these people and bringing them before juries to clean house? Are we total pussies or grown adults who will not stand for crime? What's it going to be America? Cower to Tyranny or start bringing justice to criminals?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

It's not about precrime it is about regulation for revenue ...

If you ever pick up a copy of Black's Law Dictionary and go to the "B" section you will find the term "Business." Business is simply that which occupies a man's time. There are two different categories of business 1) business in the ordinary course of life translated means that which occupies one's time in the ordinary course of life such as the right to work, travel,etc., and 2) business with an intent to realize a profit. Now if you turn to the "P" section you will find the term "Profit." Profit is simply a gain derived above costs and the value of labor. For instance if I offer to do work for you I will ask you to pay all costs and agree to pay the value of my labor. I am exercising a right to work. If I am a company I would quote you with an intent to realize a profit above costs and labor which is deemed a privilege apparently because in nature commerce is a privilege when the natural rules are might makes right.

The great deception is using language with multiple meanings but everything legal derives from business meaning an intent to realize a profit which is deemed a privilege and apparently subject to legal regulation or threats of compliance. My only objection is the misapplication of codes. If people want to exercise their so called unlimited and natural right to contract guaranteed by the constitution to be indentured servants ... ok fine, but count me out and stop kidnapping and trespassing against me for merely trying to exist.

Seems to me if you know the

Seems to me if you know the Law, contracts you've entered into, and how to assert your rights then registering and licensing your vehicle may not be necessary.

Check out this DP member that drives with no license or registration:


I am mixed on this. On one

I am mixed on this.

On one hand, your vehicle is your property and you should be able to own and operate your own property.

At the same time, roads cost quite a bit to build and maintain. Those funds have to come from somewhere. By raising money through registration you help pay for the roads with the people that own vehicles and not people that take the train etc. As long as it is a state registration and not Federal I am ok with it.

You are lucky you live in CO. I moved to Utah from CO and here you have to pay for additional state inspection and "emissions" which just tests if your C/E light is on. There is a whole industry of inspections places that lobby to keep the system in place so they can make money off you.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

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Public roads cost money, and those costs are offset in part by plate fees (at the state level). If you have a huge plot of land and your own trails or roads, I'm sure you can drive around on them without plates.

Certainly, different states charge different amounts for plates and the privilege of using the roads. Being a state level fee, it is something that local groups can work to influence. For example, California is outrageous (think $400-$800 plate fees per year) while other states like Michigan are more reasonable.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

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MI is more reasonable?

i beg to differ,mi has a rated plate/reg fee,the more your vehicle is worth,the more the plates/reg run
like a caddy plate is more than a pinto plate,this to me,is not fair
just because the caddy owner might be able to pay more,doesn't mean they should have to,

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OH... have fun day :)

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the gas tax is supposed

to pay for road maintenance,notice i said supposed to
does the registration and plates pay to keep the cops employed?
i think so

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

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They'll take your car if you have the wrong plates.

Someone switch my plates.

I found out one night during random police pull-overs (searching for drunks).
They took my car with all my work equipment inside.
Result: lost time, lost money, temporary loss of freedom (couldn't drive my car, was detained).
I had to spring my car from the impound lot in time to work the next night.
Also, had to go through the court process to clean up the legal mess.

On top of that, I was told there was no process to follow-up with the wrongly displayed plates.
So, either someone else may suffer from the switch as well, and/or the perpetrator gets off clean.


Since we're discussing license plates...I saw something very

unusual today. I saw a FL license plate that I've never noticed before. The left hand side read in very small letters:


the right side of the plate had the normal, random full size characters. Anyone have any idea what this is? Google search didn't do me any good.

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Just ribbing you a bit! :-)

The tag is a Specialty Military Service issue.
It reads, "Operation Enduring Freedom"

But you were really close!

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Important posts deserve bumps

Thanks for posting Tisha.

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