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Rand Paul Rising!

Rand Paul isn't just rising in Iowa, but in New Hampshire as well! Despite the media blackout, he has become the poll-proven frontrunner in the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Race and this article proves it and shows what the potential is for Rand Paul to overcome all barriers and WIN in 2016!

Rand Paul Rising

It has gone largely unnoticed on the so-called “major stage” as the elitist anti-freedom news media attempts to keep a blackout of Senator Rand Paul’s activities going. However, the Senator from Kentucky has now risen to a commanding lead in the two states which hold their primaries first in the upcoming 2016 Presidential Primaries, namely Iowa and New Hampshire. It is still very early to be making sure predictions about a race which does not really start for another two years, but it is a trend which shows the country and the grassroots of the GOP may finally be ready for the message championed by Rand and his father Ron...

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