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Maketplace Fairness Act (Internet Sales Tax) Passes Senate.

Just got this one in my inbox..

Just now, by a vote of 69-27, the U.S. Senate has passed yet another tax hike. Instead of curbing spending, they have decided that raising taxes on the Internet is the best way to pay the debt. Well, they are wrong.

The bill aims to enforce a sales and use tax on businesses that rely on the Internet to reach their customers. While the specifics of the bill are about as long as Obamacare, here are the top three problems with the Internet sales tax:

Online businesses would be responsible for collecting and filing their sales tax from customers that don’t reside in their state.
Businesses would be forced to use software that will generate a database to keep track of their tax paying customers. This also puts their customers at risk should the database be hacked, spilling millions of sensitive information records into the wrong hands.
States might no longer seek to lower their taxes for business friendly environments. They’d be encouraged to raise their taxes in order to collect tax money from other states, thus hurting potential business development.
If you’re scratching your head wondering how the Senate has managed to support a bill that could put a halt to business development, increases taxes, and further regulates our last free market, the Internet, we are too.

This is a poorly written bill whose future consequences have not been thoroughly thought out yet. We are disappointed that the Senate and the people we have elected to represent us would consider such a poorly thought out piece of legislation.

Now our only chance is to stop this legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This is why I am asking grassroots activists like you to remind our elected officials to OPPOSE this legislation. By making a contribution of $30, $50, or $100 today, we can increase our efforts and resources in opposing senseless legislation like this.

We ask candidates running for federal office to sign our Taxpayer Protection Pledge against raising taxes. Currently there are 219 Members of Congress and 39 Senators who have signed the Pledge. This is a pledge to YOU and the voters they represent, not to me or my organization.

Based on this vote, many of them have turned their backs on taxpayers like you. Make your voice heard and take action today. The people they continue to harm are you, their constituents, and we can still stop them if you stand with Americans for Tax Reform today against this disastrous legislation.

Thank you in advance for coming forward to help us in this important effort.


Grover Norquist
President, Americans for Tax Reform

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Eliminating sales taxes on B&M retailers would be just as fair

but that wouldn't suck more taxes out of the citizenry.

why bother reading a bill

why bother reading a bill these days, when the title tells ya how you should vote....

Market bloody "fairness" act, call it what it is, you nonces, internet market TAX.......a biased title if i ever heard one, and an implication of stupidity towards the general public

Heres a bill

Government Corruption fairness....Act.......no, wait, thats not right, not enough misinterpretation for the laymen.......ok, this one, "Government angelic representatives act".......ohhhhh, its a bit risky, but, given what weve been able to get away with......hahahaha, we own this country /s

Those jerks!

How could they do this to us???

Hateful people---can I file a HATE CRIME against the Senate?