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Promotional Video/Trailer for Adam Kokesh's Open Carry March

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I think

that this is a good idea. Think of the Impact this would have and the statement this would make.

WE, the citizens of the United States of America, and the free peoples of the WORLD, have a GOD-GIVEN Right to Self-Defense. This PEACEFUL demonstration of Open-Carry will show that free citizens are responsible to make the choice of gun-ownership themselves. We do NOT need you to grant US any authority for OUR rights. You, The Federal Leviathan we call the United States Government, are the SERVENTS, and WE are the MASTERS.

Provocateurs be warned: You are more then welcome to participate, but KNOW that this is a PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION. Look around you, before you attempt to incite violence. You will be surrounded by FREE and PEACEFUL citizens, who will not think twice about dropping your ass. You have been warned.

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