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Mayoral candidate Garcetti: Los Angeles a ‘Libertarian town’

One of the two candidates in the one-party race for Los Angeles mayor says the City of Angels is a “libertarian town” — a designation that might surprise observers familiar with either Los Angeles or libertarianism.

“We have a reputation for being a liberal town, but we’re a libertarian town,” city council member Eric Garcetti, who is facing fellow Democrat Wendy Greuel in a race for the city’s top political spot, told columnist Joel Stein in the current issue of Time magazine. “Now the freeways are too crowded, and 50% of the kids aren’t going to school in their own neighborhoods. We need to build schools and parks.”

Garcetti’s office did not respond to a request for further comment, but from the context it appears Garcetti was referring not to the city’s relaxed approach to social issues but to a broader sense of individualism.

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Does he mean the government by "we"?

ie. build schools and parks

So - when did LAPD eliminate the vice squad?