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They Wouldn’t Act This Way If Ted Cruz Weren’t Putting Points on the Board

The rules have been stacked against conservatives and Ted Cruz isn’t playing by those rules. He’s fighting for freedom. We should thank him. His efforts are not alone either. He is tag teaming with Rand Paul and Mike Lee. The three of them are putting the rest of the Senate GOP in the awkward position of finally having a triumvirate by which to be measured.

It was easy when it was just Jim DeMint. They could all largely ignore one man. But that one man worked real hard to get three new young men into the Senate who are playing by new rules. And they are winning in the court of public opinion, they are winning behind the scenes, and their efforts are forcing the rest of the conference to fight with them or be exposed as the schmucks they are.

If Ted Cruz were not putting points on the board, the Wall Street Journal, John McCain, Bill Richardson, Harry Reid, and the rest would not be crying foul. Ted Cruz is winning and they don’t like it that he won’t play the game they designed to marginalize guys like Cruz.


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two-faced fraud party is a dead-end

... how ridiculous to continue working within the fraudulent Corporation on Presidential Debates ( absolute proof these two private clubs are in bed together )

So we're just supposed to forget the cheating lying deception fraud and ridicule heaped on us and the total abject criminal behavior at the highest levels of these scum? Oh I know you think we just need more people well you're foolhardy and I'll be working triple-time to destroy the DemuglicanRepublocrat Party so ...

grow some balls and leave the GOP NOW

And then what?

grow balls.. leave GOP.. and then what? wave signs in the streets again?

Q. Do you have any concept

... what is the significance of ;

shortly after the latest Mossad / CIA false-flag Gladio Op a once-obscure website called


... hits the top 300 US

Do you get that ?

milestones crossed

skeptics and pathetic "debunkers" de-bull shit ed

bring it on

youtube conspiracy wins

entertainment of the year?

As much as I want to support

As much as I want to support Cruz and Rand and others (and I'm not saying I won't), there always seems to be one or two steps forward, and one or two steps back.

Insofar as I can tell, S.716 which cut the legs out from the STOCK act, past the Senate unanimously and was signed into law. I wasn't able to find any protest from any Republican or Democrat in the Senate.


I want to believe in these Senators, but it just seems like a go-along-to-get-along mentality. I just don't know...

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Second story from Redstate in a few days

that sounded very pro-liberty and non-neoconservative. What's going on over there - are they changing their tune or what?

the rloveution won't be mentioned

... on the lying dying worn-out old whore media such as anything owned by Hearst. or the New York communist Times or Washington CIA Post .or the Pentagon tv News or anything whatsoever from the State disinformation Department ...

The cause of liberty is growing and the time has come to put liar media down. Stop watching them stop listening to them and publicly mock them at every opportunity :)

{ Monty Python voice: ... with malice aforethought }

One fun way to do this : stand up at the local breakfast spot and exclaim "LIARS" then tear the local whore-media rag into shreds :)

this paper sucks ass : http://www.summitdaily.com/
it is pro-socialist pro-globalist and anti-freedom. These scum gave Ron Paul very limited coverage until it mattered ... then came the subtle knives-in-the-back. Boycott all Swift Media

blow ... back ... byatch .