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Pat Brady RESIGNS as Illinois GOP Chairman...

Pat Brady RESIGNS...Pat Brady RESIGNS.....+1 for God's institution of marriage!!!(maybe)



(we all know this gig; there's probably a job at the national level waiting for him!)

Pat just said in a phone interview, the Illinois GOP is at a crossroads; are we going to be more diverse, or, lurch to the right?

From where??? The unprincipled, neutral, center?

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New Chairman might

be elected. by state convention rather than by Central Committee.

Once the GOP tries to take God out of this nation, is the day millions of voters leave the GOP.

Gays are an absurdly small percentage of the general public, less than 1.7% but you would think they make up half the population with all the gayness in media, politics and education - I don't care if someone is gay, who cares.

I don't go around pushing my heterosexuality in parades or anywhere else.

Sexual preference has never been a constitutional right, it's just sex. If I prefer multiple female partners at the same time, I have no constitutional right to that. The whole thing is absurd and is the product of the liberal mass media.

Marriage should not be a government function.

And people should be able to marry whomever they please.

Problem solved, unless you're a fascist.

And screw Brady.

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I agree sort of

Whike I agree that marriage should not be a part of Goverment , I would say until it is not part of government, until it becomes a private ceremony offered by private companies, churches or what have you, the government has no right to recognize gay marriage anymore than to recognize dolphin marriage.

II personally don't believe in gay marriage, and the government has no right to make me .

Just like I dont make the government make laws that force Athiests to believe in God.

Marriage in many cultures does not mean love, in many countries you have arranged marriages or have marriages to gain wealth.


On a political level, all of this is nonsense - and none of their business.

On a personal level:

Why the hell is it anybodies business.

WHO CARES what other people do peacefully with their own lives.

Its all sheer busybody stupidity


Brady is a huge crook. He oversaw a blatant railroad-job at the 2012 state convention.

Not likely

I nominate myself,too. I graduated SIU with a a bachelor of arts in biological sciences, with honors. I am a graduate school educated, retired, past, board certified (MD) general surgeon, certified and Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management,computer geek, jack of all trades, musician, mechanic, gardener, hunter! I am also a practicing Christian who follows the only two commandments given to me in the New Testament of my Bible. "Love God with all my heart" and "love my neighbor as myself"! I also believe prohibitions of man do not work, as witnessed by the fact that the very first, in the Garden of Eden, did not work! Neither did alcohol prohibition (which is not Biblical!)

I have had seventeen years of post high school education. Problem is, I am not an establishment person. So, I would be considered to not be a "team player", since I have been a Ron Paul supporter for about twenty years! As such, I am not an establishment candidate.But, we know who is most likely the person that will be picked to replace this position. The Republican party machine, well known in Chicago, for the Democrats, I feel, is just as strong in this state!

But, HOORAY! He got the message!!

...and, what sux about Illinois...

...when it comes to counting the votes...Cook County dwarfs the "will of the people" the rest of the state over...

Some have suggested it should be annexed off, to be it's own state...