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Those angels born in hell still trying to break that Satan spell...


"However, the bikers refused to pull into the roadside check area that had been set up and instead, blocked the highway, refusing direction from officers. The showdown ended when outnumbered officers were faced with no choice but to let the group pass. Houghton said police “documented the refusals” and would follow up with appropriate enforcement."


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Perhaps they read the book I'm currently reading

"Today was yet another example of groups like the Hells Angels thinking they are above the law."

Sounds a lot like something Larken Rose would say. I'm reading "The Most Dangerous Superstition", it's very good.

I've come to realize that reading is programming, just the same as CIA-TV is. Except we get to choose how we program our brains, with loving kindness and good intentions.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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But wouldn't that apply to TV, too?

People can freely choose what to watch on TV. Nobody is forced to be 'programmed' by anything they don't watch themselves, same with books, radio, internet et cetera. All of the mentioned mediums are also 'controlled' to various degrees, after all.

I guess I don't quite get the double standard that seems to be applied when it comes to TV.

Also, where does learning end, and programming begin? Always wondered that...

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Be careful who you envy in the fight against the state

At the end of the day - these are not good people. Running red lights, ignoring the law and terrorizing regular citizens is not to be looked at as a good thing.

This is actually bad for our movement - the average citizen sees this behavior as the exact reason we need MORE law.

I lived there and I wouldn't trust a

word coming from any of those cops. They drink and drive, run lights, man-handle punk kids, profile young people, beat up homeless people "too" close to businesses and turn a blind eye to the violence and the missing natives on the reserves. I especially have no respect for the municipal cops and integrated road safety crews out of Victoria. IMO calling them pigs degrades pigs.

Not saying you should trust the cops

but I have had dealing with Hells Angel's as well.

Not exactly fuzzy little bunnies and kitten you know.

I for one will not look to those spitting in the face of decent law abiding citizens as anything more than what they are - punks - even if they are punking the cops.

for sure,

but it's the government that makes crime so profitable and the way they've directed our police forces has turned them in to predators.