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Standing on the Corner of Nowhere and Here

I happened to run across this song on reverb nation. It starts out a little slow and punches you in the chest at the end with some powerhouse vocals by a strong female lead. The title of the track is Nowhere and Here by Motogruv. While I listened to the lyrics it reminded me of what it feels like when I try to speak some sense into establishment voters. Take a listen, take a break and enjoy a good song.

Nowhere and Here


There is another song on Motogruv’s youtube channel called Walk With Me. It looks like they are fully independent. So maybe we can help this band live the true American dream by getting noticed without having to sign to a label to get noticed. While I wrote this I figured I would search amazon to see if they have an album available. As a matter of fact, they do..

Walk With Me



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Truth is treason in an empire of lies