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All this talk of losing our civil liberties...my son would argue otherwise.

I think it is great that we discuss and share ideas and insights here at the DP and that is the main reason I keep referring to this site over all others, however I feel like there is so much defeatist talk that it overwhelms the small acts and victories we are amassing in this movement toward recovering Liberty.

Last night I walked into my bedroom to find that my son had retrieved my round porcelain jar from the dresser that holds my collection of wheat pennies (around 100), which he has done several times in the past. He had been in our bedroom for some time and was meticulously counting and reading the dates on each penny and was and has been mesmerized by the design and age of them all. He wanted me to show him all my special pennies as he calls them, which is actually my collection of silver American Eagles, silver quarters, dimes, half dollar and steel wheat pennies. I have shown him all of these in the past, but his curiosity and natural admiration for these coins makes me a very proud papa. He can tell how important these coins are to me (real money as far as metal value and historically) and I can only presume that his interest has grown from his observation of my admiration and respect for them as well.

Let me just say to all the nay-sayers out there, those who will give up hope at the monstrosity and deformity that is our government today, there is hope is the smallest of things. My son is 4 years old and his interest in real money and that he knows the difference between real and counterfeit fiat currency is OUR future! Teach your children out of our multi-generational submission and conformity to principles of defeatism and counter-productivity. The fact that my son has such an interest in these liberty-minded principles at such a young age gives me the hope I seek and need to make many small changes to promote liberty and a freer future for him.

Peace and Love always!

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My suggestion

is, if you want to keep him free and aware of what freedom is, that you home school him. Otherwise once he enters the government controlled "school" they will begin the brainwashing and re-education of him and he will become just another cog in the government wheel. He sounds like a very bright child, and you should nurture that brightness and feed it all of the knowledge it wants, not put it in a government compound, where he will be held back to the same level of training of the dullest child in the class.

Kind of a misleading title.

Kind of a misleading title. Good story but your son didn't say anything about losing civil liberties.

I thought it would be obvious

that at 4 years old that statement was metaphorical for his actions and interest in the idea of real money? Maybe not...thanks for the advice.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Wait until he is 16 and discovers girls,

your credit card and paper money will do just nicely thank you.

LOL! :-)

LOL! :-)

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

if paper money exists...

I think you mean if there exists actual paper money - virtual money is the push of the future - working with fraud on a daily basis let me tell you this will open up many more cans of worms and opportunities for fraud to occur than I think most people can understand.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness