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Ron Paul Endorses Christopher Stearns for Virginia State Senate District 14. Election Day is May 9th!

A friend asked that I post this:

Virginia can seem like the land where politics and campaigning never end. With elections every year, many people are tired of hearing that every race is important. This is true even for those of us who are politically active. We get just as exhausted as those who dislike politics do of the never-ending cycle of politicians. We continue in this fight because we understand that every race REALLY IS important and because we are sometimes fortunate to be able to vote for someone who brings us back to that feeling of making a difference we felt the first time we voted.

Chris Stearns is one of those people. He’s not a politician, and he’s not afraid to stand up for liberty, even if it involves a huge upward challenge.

Being a Virginia State Senator is no small task. It requires someone to both speak for and stand up for their constituents. It requires someone who will fight for individual liberties, not someone who will hand them over to the highest bidder. The contrast between the two candidates running for Senate is highlighted by the term “firehouse primary”. By holding a firehouse primary, the opponents of Christopher Stearns are trying to quickly put out the spark of optimism that a candidate like Christopher Stearns can bring to the Senate. They are focusing on decoy issues rather than the real issues at hand - the issues of higher taxes and loss of freedoms. I can only imagine this is because Stearns has a record of standing up to fight for what he believes to be right - the United States and Virginia Constitutions.

Chris has proven that he is prepared to serve the 14th Senate District. He has been a leader both with the Young Republicans and Virginia’s Third Congressional District Republican Committee, and he served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention last August in Tampa where he was on the platform committee. Chris took it upon himself to get the need for a Constitutional declaration of war (that by Congress and not the president) on the Republican Party platform. In addition, Chris Stearns is a small business owner who understands the ramifications of burdensome tax increases on the job-creating community. He has worked tirelessly to bring new people into the party and to bring unity between factions that may not agree on everything, but who do agree that our conservative values are under attack from both sides in Richmond and Washington. He is a builder, a supporter, and a unifier, and he is what the 14th Senate District needs right now.

Chris has endorsements from people like Morton Blackwell, the national committeeman of Virginia and founder and president of the Leadership Institute, Eric Herr, First Congressional District Republican Committee Chairman, Russ Moulton and David Ray who serve on State Central Committee, and U.S. Senator Rand Paul who says:

“Stearns is a true fiscal conservative running for State Senate from Virginia's 14th District in the upcoming Firehouse Republican Primary.

Christopher Stearns has a proven history of standing up to leaders of both parties when they threaten to undermine our conservative values.”

Congressman Ron Paul has also endorsed Christopher Stearns saying, “I am proud to endorse my good friend Chris Stearns for the Virginia State Senate. His dedication to individual liberties and limited government would be a much-needed asset to the Virginia Legislature.” The senior Dr. Paul is known for only endorsing the best of the best, putting his name next to people like Congressmen Justin Amash and Thomas Massie (of Michigan and Kentucky, respectively) and Senator Mike Lee (of Utah). All of these men have records of fighting for personal liberties such as the right to ones own property, free speech and expression, right to bear arms, and protecting our privacy.

To give you an idea of the type of legislator Stearns will be, he posted publicly, “If elected to the Virginia Senate, I will unequivocally defend your natural rights - that includes the right to own and cultivate your property, your right to free speech and expression, the right to own and bear arms, your right to life, from conception to natural death, your right to individual privacy, as well as your right to freely practice your own religion.” While I have heard people question him because of his age and “lack of record,” I don’t see any of this. I see someone with incredible initiative and experience that goes far beyond his years. I see someone who will put Virginia back on course.

That’s why I invite you to join me in supporting Christopher Stearns for Virginia State Senate by visiting his website www.StearnsForSenate.com to donate to his campaign or to sign up to volunteer.

If you live in the 14th Senate District, please come out and vote for him on May 9th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

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Here's artwork for a door hanger my new marketing company did for Stearns:


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