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Can Anyone Here Help With Petition Initiative Language

Back in 2009, my local village passed a new ordinance that eliminated the income tax reciprocity that was once enjoyed by the residents. This resolution passed without any vote of the residents of Perry Village. You can see some more information through an article that was done about the issue here - http://www.news-herald.com/articles/2010/07/31/news/doc4c52f...

The good news is that the residents of the village were very willing to sign the petition, which was then submitted to the council to get on the ballot for that year. The bad news is that I made a horrible tactical error and DID NOT submit the language to the council prior to circulation. I will not be making that mistake again.

I felt defeated and never went back to redo the petition initiative and decided civil disobedience would be my next step and I decided I was not, and have not, paid for this tax. I felt justified in this, as my digging into the village financials found many errors and erroneous spending by the council.

It has been a few long years and I, after much pushing by my neighbors in the area, have decided to start the petition initiative process again for the November 2013 ballot. I anticpate that the village will find some other reason to knock this petition down and feel the language of the initiative would be the biggest area of critique they could use against me and the residents of the village.

Does anyone here have any petition initiative templates they know of or could anyone here point me to any resources? Another possibility is that perhaps someone has a copy of the petition initiative that was used to help pass the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment. I could use that as a template.

I can best be reached at tikipalm at gmail dot com.

Much thanks in advance,

Tim Gandee

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