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Memo Released to Gawker Details Further Evidence of CIA Hand in Zero Dark Thirty Production

May 06, 2013| News | Lucy Steigerwald
Director Kathryn Bigelow’s cinematic valentine to dogged CIA sisters doin’ it and taking out Osama Bin Laden for themselves, Zero Dark Thirty, was controversial long before it was released last December. Initially there were rumors the film would be released two months before the 2012 election, ideally placed to give Obama a Bin Laden-killing bump. The movie ended up being released a month after Obama won his second term, but neither that nor half a dozen Oscar nominations, nor a collection of plum reviews could make everyone forget that the CIA had a hand in the movie. Newly released memos obtained by Gawker’s Adrian Chen confirm that, and further detail the level of the agency’s involvement in the production.

As Sean A. McElwee noted last month at Antiwar, U.S. Army involvement in Hollywood is nothing new. CIA is newer, but that still happened previous to Bigelow and writer Mark Boal’s production. Additionally, the difference between Army involvement in, say Pearl Harbor as opposed to Zero Dark Thirty is that the story of the former is much more widely known — there were thousands of witnesses to the Japanese attack — and has had sixty years to simmer. Plus, the incentive for filmmakers to work with military “minders’ is usually access to shiny Pentagon goods. Access in this case means access to the truth that rest of us are not permitted to know in its entirety.

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Media/Hollywood collusion with CIA...

Definitely worth a bump.