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A Feminist Libertarian Perspective

Karen Straughan's (aka GirlWritesWhat) presentation at the 2013 NY Libertarian Conference: Enjoy!!

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I am neither actually. "Women

I am neither actually. "Women living to serve men" is a social construct from a predominantly patriarchal society. The statement I am making is that instead of relying on current and past media to tell us what our roles as men and women should be, we should look within ourselves and our spirituality to find it which is a very empowering thing for both Men and Women alike. There is a natural masculine (Solar, directive, linear) and feminine (Lunar, Intuitive, holistic) duality to the universe and Men and Women are a reflection of that.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

1. No one said anything about

1. No one said anything about serving men. Both genders compliment one another.
2. The "natural role" of a woman is just as important as the natural role of a man; your bias--from living in a world that tells you women are not equal--prevents you from realizing this.


What "natural order" do you believe exists other than women are the one's who get pregnant?

Don't use coded language. What exactly are you trying to say, because it sounds a lot like collectivism.

bullshit, yourself. don't for

bullshit, yourself. don't for a minute tell me that men and women are all the same.

Other than physiology? Other

Other than physiology? Other than genetic advantage? Every individual has use unique traits. Whether or not they are able or willing to use their advantages is up to them.

women are natural nurturers, men are natural protectors and


Christians should not be warmongers!

Is free will, intellect and

Is free will, intellect and decision-making natural?

Are you suggesting that humans operate only on instinct like rats or moths? Those creatures exhibit "natural" tendencies.