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Lew Rockwell: Another Nail in the Neocon Coffin

The recent opening of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity was a watershed moment in American history. There has never been anything quite like it. Ideologically diverse, the Ron Paul Institute reaches out to all Americans, and indeed to people all over the world, who find the spectrum of foreign-policy opinion in the United States to be unreasonably narrow. Until Ron Paul and his new institute, there was no resolutely anti-interventionist foreign-policy organization to be found.

Neoconservatives have not responded warmly to the announcement of Ron's new institute. Whatever their particular gripes, we can be absolutely certain of the real reason for their unhappiness: they have never faced systematic, organized opposition before.

The Democrats would see the earth tumble into the sun before supporting nonintervention abroad, so they pose no fundamental problem for the neocons. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is real opposition, and he can mobilize an army. The neocons know it. What's Tim Pawlenty up to these days? Where are his legions of well-read young fans who seek to carry on his philosophy? You see the point.

For the first time, strict nonintervention will have a permanent voice in American life. It is another nail in the neocon coffin. The neocons know they are losing the young. Bright kids who believe in freedom aren't rallying to Mitt Romney or David Horowitz, and, like anyone with a critical mind and a moral compass, they are not going along with the regime's war propaganda.

At this historic moment, I thought it might be appropriate to set down some thoughts on war - a manifesto for peace, as it were.

(1) Our rulers are not a law unto themselves.

Our warmakers believe they are exempt from normal moral rules. Because they are at war, they get to suspend all decency, all the norms that govern the conduct and interaction of human beings in all other circumstances. The anodyne term "collateral damage," along with perfunctory and meaningless words of regret, are employed when innocent civilians, including children, are maimed and butchered. A private individual behaving this way would be called a sociopath. Give him a fancy title and a nice suit, and he becomes a statesman.

Let us pursue the subversive mission of applying the same moral rules against theft, kidnapping, and murder to our rulers that we apply to everyone else.

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Couldn't open the link

Is there any other way to access article?

Fantastic article.

He holds no punches when defining the Neocons. They speak and dress well but their actions butcher thousands of children, and they are fully aware of this. These people are the worst evil.

and Lew, and a roundtable...

...Brian Wilson, Judge Napolitano, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff etc. need to get Michael Medved's May 2nd broadcast ripping on this endeavor(in an effort to indirectly bolster support for their precious Hillsdale College).

The BEST thing this movement has going for itself is it's focus on EDUCATION and deprogramming the masses. The fed up, convicted, frustrated GOP lifers are coming our way....my concern is STILL that our guys, Lew and others, are labeled as feeding lies to the tin-foil-hat crowd; and this is why they need to go on the offensive(above and beyond this excellent article), and answer their critics point-by-point because they have the BIGGER microphone at present.

Tom Woods once described Hillsdale College with the adjective "Straussian"; thus, Ron Paul's Institution here is a direct affront, assault, competitor, and worthy adversary to the establishment's WEAK game plan to slowly swing the pendulum back to the right until Paul Ryan's minor spending cuts cut unemployment in half!!!

Mr patriotsundergod, I see

Mr patriotsundergod,

I see you as an asset to the cause of liberty. There is a part of me that sees you as a bit combative, which has a tendency to shut people down. It is my opinion that if you were to relax your approach some, you'd get a better response.

I agree there is an issue with the "out there" crowd of the liberty movement. Those of us who are more sensible seem to get grouped in with them causing us to lose some credibility. I also see an issue with the panicky fear driven crowd who bang their fists, it shuts people down.

The message of liberty needs a relaxed intelligent messenger, like Ron Paul, but us. Back in the 70s Ron Paul was the combative in your face type of messenger, the message didn't set well with most.

I'm trying to be constructive, I hope you take this the right way.

For freedom,


The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

given more time than I took...

...making my angry Kokesh rant....

I will address this in a video today, I think...my writings are a much better presentation of my perspective...

Thank You for the HONEST criticism....I welcome it...

Great morning read.

Good to start the day with a bit of empowerment :)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

RPI and Lew Rockwell

If you haven't been to the RPI, Ron Paul Institute, it is worth adding to your favorites list. Lot of good current national and world information being reported, and a great link to Ron Paul and what's happening.

Lew Rockwell is another great site, with great articles and commentary. One of my favorite sites as well.


Great read, thanks for sharing. I liked the way he broke it down and I'll be sharing this with a few friends who seem to mistakenly believe that war is good for the economy.

Excellent Article!

Thanks for posting!