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UPDATE - Syria Traffic Goes "Dark" As Country Disappears From Internet

While there have been no new military attacks on Syria since Sunday morning, something more peculiar happened in the past few hours, when according to Akamai and various other Internet traffic trackers, Syria has literally gone "dark", or, as Umbrella Security Labs describes it, as if "Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet."


Found this map from 2010 also http://www.telegeography.com/assets/website/images/maps/midd...

Per Umbrella Labs
At 14:12 UTC the OpenDNS operations team saw traffic come back online in Syria, after 19 hours and 27 minutes of total time offline. More updates shortly.


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It does for

less developed countries. For example, a lady once cut off the Internet to all of Armenia with a shovel accidentally:


Georgia has arrested a 75-year-old woman who, with her shovel, left all of Armenia without access to the Internet for half a day, according to Georgian police.

Aishtan Shakarian, who lives in a small village near Georgian capital Tbilisi, was scavenging for scrap metal on March 28 when she damaged an international fiber-optic backbone cable that connects much of the southern Caucasus to Europe, a police spokesman said.

Nothing good regardless

of the reason.

Either it is the Israelis who didn't like the videos of the recent attacks popping up, or maybe Assad found out that Israeli spies were using it, and shut it off as defense before launching an operation.

Tyrants + fanatics = Death

Oh shit! What will they do with their Bitcoins now?!

Excuse me about that one folks..

It seems like the control freaks are trying everything they can, to start a war with Iran. Attacking Syria an ally of Iran could just do the trick.

Get ready for an other bumpy ride folks.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

and it has begun

USA and Israel has created Hell on earth!

(foreign policies)