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My Friend Is Suing A Lindsey Graham Supporter, Sc Gop Chairman, Chad Connelly

My friend is suing a Lindsey Graham supporter,Chad Connelly, can you help him and/or spread the word? http://www.gofundme.com/BFrank

He filed it on the 25th of April

This is the PDF of the suit http://schotline.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/SCGOP_Lawsuit...

It is against The Chairman of the SC GOP, the SC GOP, and the SC GOP Committee.

FYI: As Chairman, he will make sure Lindsey Graham gets re-elected!

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Chad Connelly has filed a motion to dismiss already!

This is typical in these types of cases. Im sure it wont get dismissed.

It will probably take months for that motion to get heard

I bet this case will be won right around Primary time next year!

Do you have the "dangerous rant"

Text so that we might judge for ourselves the nature of the situation.

Good luck!

This time last year, this kind of news would get triple digit votes.

This will be a challenging battle, I hope a court takes the case. We need Lindsey Graham to get bumped out desperately, and any trouble yall can cause him will help the cause of liberty. Ty for your activism in the neocon snake den of a state.




Good Luck!


for Liberty


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