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Mark Sanford leading Colbert in SC 1st Congressional District with 54% to 46% of the vote

I don't have a link, but just heard on the radio.

If you have a link please post.

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What the hell are her policies? As far as I know, she's Shephen Colbert's sister

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If it was not for Mark

If it was not for Mark Sanford, you would all be carrying a Real ID card right now.


So he went a little middle aged crazy. At least he didn't go off the deep end and become a Democrat.

Amazing. I did not see a single Mark Sanford ad on TV here...

and these stations are largely South Carolina. I DID see at least 10 Colbert ads a night, so the DNC lost big.

Drudge has it 54.5% Sanford (R), Colbert (D) 45%


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They already announced him winning

USA Today And CNN.