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Does Adam Kokesh Leave Us Vulnerable In D.C.?

vul·ner·a·ble - Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

An armed march on our nation's capital, without a permit....very symbolic, very ballsy, and very dangerous to the Liberty Movement without a doubt. Courageous, or downright dumb? Operating within the District of Criminals is not like doing business as in any of the 50 States united.

All it takes is one person to screw the whole thing up. Just one person is all it will take to ruin everything we've accomplished since late 2007.

Want to demonize the Tea Party republicans and every 2nd Amendment supportive patriot in America?

Why give them such an opportunity to totally destroy everything we have done?

There are better, more artistic ways of conveying a message....

Why not march on Washington, D.C. with pitchforks instead?

That's symbolic too, in a very Green Acres, Norman Rockwell funny kind of way that will get the same point across, if not more attention.

Humor and art are our allies, and we really need to start using them as effective weapons against tyranny instead of using what they want us to use...violence.

What if everyone at the march dressed up like Alfred Hitchcock instead of carrying a loaded weapon?

How to be peaceful and provocative at the same time? It's much more effective than violence, or even the threat of violence.

The last thing we need to be doing is threatening anyone, because I really don't think that's the overall style of the Liberty Movement.

We don't want to threaten Washington, D.C. We want to warn them...not threaten them.

We have more class than that. We're classy, and smart.

We are not violent, and we really don't want to convey any kind of message of violence.

Peace and redemption, not war and revenge.

Keep your guns close to your side, but don't boast about them, and NEVER show off.

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haven't heard anything about

haven't heard anything about that.

if it's as you explain.. sounds like a terrible idea.