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Conspicuous Silence. The Cabal in the West Is Running Out of Options

NOTE: I placed this "off-topic" because of Dr. Stankov's more esoteric musings (including his prediction that a magnetic pole reversal will sink Australia). However, his observations on world events are incisive, accurate and encouraging.


The futile effort of Israel to stir another devastating war in the Middle East by bombing Damascus twice last week failed to render any other results than a sound condemnation of this most bellicose country with the most despicable government of Orionic clones and notorious war mongers. The Arab league, which had so far supported the Al Qaeda terrorists fighting against Assad, issued a declaration slamming Israel for this aggression and obvious crime against international law by bombing without any reason a sovereign neighbor country.

Europe, and even the USA, did not render Israel the expected support and this attempt of the Orion cabal to unleash another war in the Middle East as so many times in the past has so far fully failed. Netanyahu who is now visiting China was compelled to refrain from mentioning Syria amidst massive worldwide condemnation of his latest bombing of Damascus, where several hundred soldiers and civilians were allegedly killed. To the conspicuous silence of this most notorious war criminal adds the simultaneous visit of the Palestinian head of state Abbas in Peking, who is adamantly representing the now opposite to Israel Arab position.

At the same time John Kerry visits for the first time Russia after his nomination as US secretary of state and will meet with the intransigent President Putin. The latter cleansed only one week ago in a swift and surprising raid the Caucasus region of Russia from the most dangerous Islamic terrorists, who are sponsored by the CIA to destabilize this region and put Russia under huge pressure.

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