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Fascinating video from North Korea about Propaganda?

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Propaganda piece about propaganda

Made me feel like my tiny little head would explode. ;)

It's an interesting perspective, and I can't find errors in his mini course "Advertising 101".

He wait's till the end to sprinkle his own brand of collectivist propaganda sweeter on top. :)

Just open the box and see

Propaganda Inception

Propaganda Inception



One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

There's a huge lie right near the beginning...

HALF of voices on the mainstream news are propagandists? Get real.

You're a filthy liar, Dear Leader. It's more like 99%

edit: LOL. "Like these degenerates..." "Like this master criminal"

Plus 10 points for showing Bernanke when they say "Corporate owner".

DPRK TV is pretty good!

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for later viewing..

Who'da thunk? A film from a country that is masterful at propaganda about another country that may be even more masterful.

6 minutes in and it looks pretty interesting. I'll try to see the rest tomorrow night. Thanks Bob.

You got it

It takes a propagandist to out a propagandist