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Why Your 401k $uks (spoiler: "fees") Watch Program

Some shows just make you smarter.

Pertains to everyone.

Get some perspective on retirement and savings.

The Retirement Gamble, Frontline (watch online)

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amazing that 2/3 of retirement can be stolen in a 2% fee

market ticker talks often of compound interest and how healthcare doubles in cost every 9 years and will bankrupt us in basically 9 years by

100,000 retirement and 60,000 stolen by fees,,,,,
and just the fact of the scam that is retirement that people don't get
you used to be ablr=e to just save for retirement
but today ou are forced to be involved in the wall st scam of investing where either way wall st wins and you can lose
look at the 08 crash,,, people wiped out but wall st made out well and is already back on top and huge bonuses while main st suffers

it makes me wonder when enuff will be enuff,,,, but I guess enuff haven't woken to realiy yet,,, life is busy

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I liked it.

I made the post.
I watched the program.

..and I have to say...

I liked the program.

I like the post.

..and, it feels good to pat myself on the back. :)

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