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For the third time, police ordered to return property

For the third time now, the police have been court ordered to return the vast amount of property that was "confiscated" in the raid on my shop last August. They have conceded this time, after the third appeal, and I will actually be getting it back. I am working with my attorneys to get a plan in place to retrieve my merchandise in a way that preserves the chain of evidence that they destroyed a great deal of it so I can sue them.

It's no wonder hardly anyone gets justice. It has taken 9 months, $11,000 in attorney fees, and 15 trips to court to get this far, and we have not even started working on my criminal charges yet, which we are holding are unconstitutional. In the beginning of this, I knew I could either take a plea deal, or decide to put in the time and money it would take to fight it. I chose to fight.

The return of this property is important to help fund the rest of this court battle, so we are pretty pleased at this point. We have fought and won two major court battles thus far. Now for the third, hopefully to the state supreme court.

Our local paper has reported a couple of times, but have lost the fortitude to follow up on the story now. It's not the reporter, but the editors, that won't let this news in the paper. Fortunately, we have some alternatives.


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Hard To Return

it when it probably went up in smoke at the police station lounge.


Why do they even think they

Why do they even think they can win at this point? I hope you sue their asses off and are able to get money specifically from the people who did this, not just the department.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Are they paying your lawyer fees too?

Being out $11,000 is absurd. On top of that, they also took your time and caused you stress. You should be compensated for both. I'm sure you won't be for any of this though.

we shall see...

I will continue to update the story and let you guys know how this progresses. It sure has been interesting, at least. And, a bunch of my friends show up with me, every time. We have really received an education.

"Justice" is not even sought any more.

Attorneys are trained to seek settlements, not justice.

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