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One Step at a Time - Amened Federal Reserve Charter

Amendment to ensure that if the United States Federal Reserve is not Federal, then it is at least of the United States.In order to prevent foreign ownership and control of our nations currency and economy.

1. Require that companies, corporations, entities and individuals holding shares of Federal Reserve stock must be citizens of the United States or be chartered in and must meet all legal jurisprudence for the determining factors of locus within the United States of America

These factors being;

1. the country of incorporation
2. the principal seat of business
3. country of the shareholders
4. the country of overall investment
5. the country of the management
6. the country of persons controlling the business of corporation

In other words...
The private owners of our nations public printing press must be of, for and by the United States of America.

2. Current foreign or foreign vested share holders, must surrender their shares for fair market value, to the federal government, to be held by the Treasury under the direction and control of Congress.

In other words...
The Federal government will at least become a shareholder in the Federal Reserve and become privy to meeting minutes, operations, etc.

No audit needed.

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