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Red Alert! Ron Paul Warns "Gang Of 8" Attaching 'National ID" Biometric Card Language Into Immigration Bill

Red Alert! Ron Paul Warns "Gang Of 8" Attaching 'National ID" Biometric Card Language Into Immigration Bill

I just got off the phone after receiving a recorded message from Dr. Ron Paul. He stated that the 844 page immigration bill will have additional statist language in it authorizing a biometric 'National ID' card to be foisted on the american people. You won't be able to work anywhere in america without receiving this National ID card.

Campaign for liberty will be mailing out information concerning this scam and they will be asking for donations as well..

Let us get the word out that this immigration bill must go down..

Peace, Love, Freedom and Gold..


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I tweeted this post & some yahoo sent me this:

Immigration,Politics ‏@24AheadDotCom 1h

.@RalphHornsby: don't like #NationalID? Thank #libertarian scumballs: http://24ahead.com/n/6954 #immigration #teaparty #tcot #tgdn #sgp #ows

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Considering most I know understand that's what their smartphone is.

Skimming the bill to find out

Skimming the bill to find out exactly where the language would be. So far, thinking it might be Sec. 3102 on social security cards.


Is that the part? It's vague and doesn't explain exactly how the cards would be made identity-theft resistant. Keeping it vague means they can implement any way they want, ways to make sure a card is tied to only one person, right? And what better way than using biometric information? I'm not sure though if this is what Dr. Paul is referring to though.

thats it alright....

i just received the same phonecall and he specifically said tamper-proof, bio-metrically enhanced social security cards... which will be required to even apply for a job...

he mentioned something about signing a petition against this thing, but i went over to the campaign for liberty website, and i dont see anything about it. if somebody comes across the petition, please post a link...

Think for yourself......Question authority...

Yes! I Believe You Found It...Ron Paul Says It's 877 Pages Long

How the hell are we or the legislators going to read the entire bill and come to understand the damn language, especially since the DOJ will probably keep it so vague you and I could not know the how and why of it..

Imagine, you won't be able to hold a job without taking the "MARK" of the National ID Card, weather you are a U.S. citizen or not.

Where There Is A Absence of Language, They'll Fill In The Blanks

I have been involved in contract negotiations, albeit it on a much smaller or lower level than why congress has its lawyers write up and I will tell you that the language will be kept ambiguous and vague purposely so they (The DOJ) can interpret the how and the why of implementation..

Does that make sense?

How many die hard Christians

How many die hard Christians will see this as the mark of the beast?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

follow this BILL here.....


and take the recommended steps...


Thanks for the link pal!