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HHS Declares H7N9 Bird Flu Emergency, Suspends Vaccine Testing Requirements

"this declaration is a declaration of an emergency": http://libertyfirewall.com/2013/05/08/hhs-declares-bird-flu-...

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"We created this teleporter

"We created this teleporter to strip the disease out of people!"
"Did you test it?"
"We decided we didnt need to because its an emergency."
"What?! What happens if it teleports away a person's skin, or worse, they end up in a wall?"
"Dont worry, its an emergency, you are foolish to worry about such reasonable things."
Yea, dramatic, but at least its an interesting emergency scenario.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

People new to UN Agenda 21

often dismiss it out right when they come to the depopulation part. It really is too big to take in.
All it takes is a wild virus, fine tuned in a lab.
I don't think "they" will make the same mistake twice.

That Baxter incident should've been a wake up call.

...especially the part where the contamination couldn't have been an accident.

bump that!

This is a really big deal.

People really need to watch for stories in the local media being planted to influence state legislatures.

We must strenuously opposive accomodative policies which will be pushed via state legislatures.

No testing = no production standards/regulation =

The vaccines produced WILL CONTAIN
-human reproductive sterilization agents
-god only knows what else

This is a liability waiver for vaccine makers.

Expect to see a push through state legislatures for another round of updates to quarantine and vaccine procedures based on a media events about virus scares.

This is how fascism with a smile works in the good ole USA!