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Murfreesboro, TN Red Light Camera Initiative

We have started a petition to remove the red light ticketing cameras from our local city and wanted to share it with my liberty minded friends and give a background of everything.

We have concerns about the monetary/economical aspects of the cameras, the safety aspects of the cameras, as well as the constitutional aspects of the cameras. Building on these concerns we decided to organize a petition for people to sign in effort to remove these cameras.

Before creating the petition we wanted to make sure we had all of our facts correct. In our research we found that the city of Murfreesboro, TN pays American Traffic Solutions 100% of the first 1200 citations, and 50% thereafter. In Q1 of FY 2013, ATS collected roughly $678,000 in citations, and kept $655,000. All of this money is leaving our local community and leaving the state entirely with no hopes of ever seeing the money again. Furthermore, while our town has been on a downward slope of accidents and has been safer year after year, accident rates at these intersections with the cameras has either declined slower than other intersections or have remained flat (and even increased in certain circumstances).

In Tennessee, paying the ticket is effectively optional. If one does not pay the ticket ATS can report you to a collection agency, but under state law it cannot be reflected on your credit report. Under state law, the citations hold pretty much zero legal value as they are not reported to the DUV or insurance companies. Effectively it is a scare tactic to rob innocent and guilty alike of their money.

We ask that only citizens of Middle TN sign the petition.


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That is amazing!

that has to stop!

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